The Avalanche will pay tribute to the Nordics with its “reverse retro” sweater

As part of the upcoming season, the various NHL teams will be adding a new alternative uniform to their wardrobes, while the new “reverse retro” collection will occasionally be present on the shoulders of current players. For those who have never heard of this collection, in a nutshell, it is a concept in which teams take out old uniforms and reverse the colors of these to make new ones.

My colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois had also slipped you a word on the most recent information in relation to the one that the CH will display.

In short, when this collection was announced, several Quebec enthusiasts also thought of the Colorado Avalanche, since they had a great opportunity to bring out the uniform of the Nordiques mothballs.

And that’s exactly what they seem to have done.

A few weeks ago, a pretty striking clue made it possible to understand that this seemed to be the path taken by the formation of Colorado, while Nathan MacKinnon had published in his story Instagram a photo of gloves in the blue color well known to Quebec supporters.

Today, the Avalanche added a little more, posting this photo on Twitter.

I don’t think I need to add anything, the photo speaks for itself. The team has indeed decided to include the fleur-de-lis on the uniform, leaving no doubt as to whether the Nordiques would be represented on the jersey.

Some will definitely cringe at seeing these burgundy in color, and it’s true that trying to leave them white as they really were would have been an interesting wink. However, it fits into the concept of “reverse retro”, where the colors are reversed. It remains to be seen whether the logo used will be that of the Avalanche or that of the Nordiques, but the design makes me believe that it will be that of Colorado.

Here are more pictures shared by the official team account:

The official unveiling of the uniform is expected for Monday, and it would not be surprising to see a handful of others also revealed during that same day, including that of the CH.

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