The baby of TV Nova gave birth to a baby. After giving birth she ended up in the ICU!

Friday was a special day for presenter Katka Říhová, she gave birth to her first baby. But they haven’t enjoyed their time much yet. “I’ve seen the little one three times everywhere, once in the delivery room and then brought to show her twice, so the feelings are very short so far. But I know I love her so much,” said the tree frog on Saturday morning.

But the birth was not without complications. “So it was really challenging. I was honestly preparing for the birth, I went for walks, I ate chili, I took prenatal classes. I was prepared for everything, I approached it positively. Then they found out with an ultrasound that the baby will be bigger “but I’m a little smaller” she revealed.

“So they offered me an induction, about four days before the deadline, to get out as soon as possible. But she didn’t react much, we induced the delivery for three days, after which it started a little bit, but little. The little girl had a bigger head, so she wasn’t able to So we had to choose the variant that she would be born as an empress, “Říhová describes the circumstances of the birth.

It didn’t go smoothly, but they’re both fine. “She is healthy, beautiful, she weighs about 3,700 grams, so it’s really a cat. I’m in the intensive care unit now, today they should take me to my room and there we’ll get to know a little more and there will also heal my scar after The convalescence will be estimated to take five to six days, “the presenter revealed.

No one can visit her in the ICU, there is a ban in the hospital. But little Sofinka’s father could have been in childbirth. “For which I am very happy. That was not possible this time a year ago,” the moderator confided. According to her, the staff of the maternity hospital was very nice. “Here in Podolí he just knows how to do it, everyone is professional here,” he praises himself.

The name Sofia was chosen for a long time. “We consulted it everywhere possible, even from numerological points of view. Sofia should probably have a beautiful destiny and means wisdom,” Říhová explained the final decision.

Sofinka’s father is the presenter’s ex-husband. “We were ours, then we divorced and then we had a baby. He’s still an ex-husband, but he’s a proud father,” describe the tree frog for unconventional family relationships. Katka Říhová can be seen by TV Nova viewers from the screens as a tree frog that brings weather forecasts. Her voice can also be heard in Europe 2, where she moderates together with Leoš Mareš and Patrik Hezucký.

In 2019, Katka Říhová sang in the Christmas song TV Nova:


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