“The Bachelor”: Niko makes Mimi weary

Updated February 10, 2021, 10:31 p.m.

The thing is over, you might think after the first three “Bachelor” issues. Candidate Mimi seems to have escaped the competition in the fight for Niko Griesert’s heart. But the Bachelor still has to want to meet the other women. And then in episode four the tub is full too.

A criticism

from Christian Vock

“I am a disaster bachelor”. Niko Griesert In the previous episode, he was not only self-critical, but also in bad shape. A situation that regularly arises after the first episodes of a Bachelor’s degree, when he is aware of the burden of his office – and the small print. A bachelor, as the RTL law wants, has to play through the whole courtship to the end, only then can he take his prey home with him.

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That is actually no secret, but Griesert, it seems fell in love with candidate Mimi from episode one on. A whole season can of course be quite long, because as a Bachelor, Griesert must not be accused of having dragged off a decision, on the other hand he has to keep the whole thing so open that the other women can still raise their hopes. Unjustified hopes, but still hopes.

Mimi is something like the Bayern Munich of the “Bachelor”. The season was over after the first day of play, but everyone still has to pretend until the end that someone else could become German champions. It’s not really nice for anyone, so ours has Bachelor in the previous episode Mimi asked her to do a bit of the F.keep quietso that he can pursue his job as a Bachelor.

“The Bachelor”: The tub is full

That should also be in the interests of the audience, after all, our Bachelor has to submit his activity report every Wednesday evening on RTL, a little earlier on TVNow. And if it only says: “Flirted with Mimi”, then it becomes a bit monotonous not only for the other women, but also for the audience. But because Mimi promised to step on the brakes a little, Griesert now has his head free for the first time in episode four.

Griesert uses this headroom for an excursion into lay philosophy, because our Bachelor feels in the fast lane: “It could also be that it crashes at some point. I can’t tell.” So Griesert sets the indicator on the left, flares the headlights again and rings the doorbell at the ladies’ villa in the evening. Word of the arrival will soon get around and so our Bachelor can say “Are you all coming?” ask the whole workforce into the whirlpool – and unintentionally reveals the predetermined breaking points of the Germany edition.

Because where the Bachelor can splash around with all the women in a Mexican pool, there are space problems in the domestic version. Only a good handful of women and bachelors will fit in the tub and because whirlpool Tetris does not promote romance, the principle applies to this first world problem: first come, first bubble.

No time for Mimi

“Are we seriously waiting for a guy in a jacuzzi?”, Kim Virginia dawns of the bizarre situation, but our bachelor’s degree unabashedly turns the whole thing into something homely: “I love being in the women’s villa because you learn it Just know women in everyday life. It’s not ‘everyday life’, but what comes closest. ” Aha.

“Linda completely blew me away with her kind that evening”, judges our Bachelor after the bathing and by “Art” Griesert actually means Art, because Linda didn’t sit in the broth, but served drinks to all bathers, both men and women. Mimi, on the other hand, is at the sight of the wet competitionbody less relaxed, but practices in Zurrestraint.

She has to, because our bachelor’s degree pulls episode four through pretty much Mimi-free: a group bubbly, a date with Esther and a trip to Hamburg with Stephie. Mimi takes all of this calmly, but when she hears that too the kiss with Stephie – for understandable reasons – without it took place, the fun has a hole. But in times of need, Mimi is generous: “Fortunately, there is a girl I like.”

Linda and Kim Virginia have an argument

So there is no danger from the front, instead the fuse is burning with another lady: “I look way too good to sit here and peter out here”, the unconsidered Linda grumbles in the mood, while Esther and Get closer to Niko while sipping the sponsored coconut schnapps. In other words: Linda fis negligibleässigt.

During the night of the roses, the lower bachelor place was supposed to get a few minutes on the sofa with Niko, but apparently Linda’s mind couldn’t calm down. There is a reason that is incomprehensible to outsiders plSudden argument between Kim Virginia and Linda.

There are terms on the Lindas side that can be taken as insults, especially in the English-speaking world. In the end, roses that have not been awarded solve the problem for both of them. While Linda gets one Kim Virginia, together with Anna, Debora and Kim-Denise, must first take the Rand then leave the show.

And Mimi? “I would be happy to see you,” whispers to her Grouch as he throws her a few scraps of time during the Night of the Roses. “If it were that easy,” Mimi breathes back and reminds us Bachelor of his basic dilemma.


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