THE BALL – «I would buy Paulinho again tomorrow, even more expensive!» (Sporting)

The record of zero goals in three games with the Sporting shirt does not concern Rúben Amorim, with the coach ensuring that the former SC Braga striker, the most expensive signing in Sporting history, will score many goals in Alvalade.

«Paulinho doesn’t need to adapt to my ideas but he needs to get used to his colleagues, it’s normal. When the game was getting good for him, with more space ahead of the defense to receive, I felt tired and took it out. Paulinho will improve the team, I have no doubts, and he gives things that Sporar did not give. He will score a lot of goals and, when he doesn’t score, he has to do what he has done: pressure, help his teammates, be strong in dead balls, all with quality. I would buy it again tomorrow, even without scoring goals, and if it was even more expensive! »


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