THE BALL – «In Barcelona I was told I was old» (Atlético Madrid)

In the past summer market, Luis Suárez was dismissed by Barcelona and ended up signing at low cost for Atlético Madrid, where he has played a great season and is the top scorer in the Spanish league. In an interview with France Football, the Uruguayan scorer does not hide his resentment for the way he was treated at his departure from Camp Nou.

«What really bothered me was that I was told that I was too old to be at the top and that I could no longer play at the highest level, to be the striker of a great team. That’s what I didn’t like. If I hadn’t done anything for three or four seasons, I would have known. But I scored more than 20 goals every year and always had the best numbers behind Messi!

– Today you can see that playing for Barcelona is not easy. Many players were hired and did not reach the level they expected. I played there for six years and always kept the level high. Circumstances changed, the club needed changes and I understand that. What I don’t understand is the way I left. I deserved respect and, for my pride, I wanted to show them that I could continue to show what I am worth. So I went to Atletico Madrid, a very competitive team that pleased me », said the forward.


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