THE BALL – Jesus idea supported but … on the shelf for now (Benfica)

Jorge Jesus suggested a meeting between the coaches to discuss the valorization of Portuguese football and the end of «anti-game», «bullshit» and «folklore».

At the end of the game with Estoril, the day before yesterday, in the Portuguese Cup, the coach of the reds was back to being the same as himself, declaring himself recovered to go to the fight, to improve the team’s results and performances and, even, to improve elevate the level of football in our country.

José Pereira, president of the National Association of Football Coaches (ANTF), heard the statements of Jorge Jesus and, in statements to A BOLA, recalls that «the matter has been discussed for many years» by ANTF, Liga and FPF. «I support the suggestion. Putting it into practice is more difficult », he adds shortly thereafter.

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