THE BALL – PlayStation now: new games streaming and 50 percent off a month (Games)

In a world increasingly focused on services as an alternative to ownership (car sharing, streaming videos, etc.), video games are no exception and Sony continues to invest heavily in its PlayStation Now platform, through which, for a fee of a monthly (or quarterly or annual) amount, you can access a catalog of more than 700 titles at any time and play it on a PlayStation 4 or 5 console and even on a PC. This without having to download the games to a disc.

The service, which works online, is fast and reliable (at A BOLA we are passionate about the concept), as well as allowing us to discover games that we would never test. And with impressive variety!

Now, from this day 5 and until March 12, next Friday, Sony offers all its customers the possibility to join through the PlayStation Store service for € 4.99 euros for a month, or half the amount they would normally pay (€ 9.99).

It is an excellent opportunity to test the PlayStation Now service and you have enjoyed a rich catalog, which includes games for the various generations of PlayStation console.

In practice, and doing a cold analysis of the numbers, PS Now can cost € 9.99 per month (€ 4.99 if subscribed this week), € 24.99 per quarter or € 59.99 per year. In return, and for less than the price of a new game, it gives the opportunity (so there is time for that) to play 700 titles, including some recent exclusives. And do it through the cloud service or by downloading the games to your console, which allows slightly faster access speeds (we agree that in the cloud only the startup takes a little longer, and then the thing flows without any kind of problem).

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It has already been said that the catalog is updated every month and in March, of course, it is no different.

Sony announced the inclusion of four new titles during the month of March. To begin World War Z a shooter that transports us to a world of chaos overtaken by zombies. The idea is to shoot, shoot, shoot, kill the zombies and enjoy it. It is all the more fun when it is played in cooperative mode. Being a simple game, in the third person, released in 2019. And that conquered legions of followers all over the planet.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, also from 2019 – although announced in 2015, it is another of the new features of the month. As the name suggests, he puts us in the shoes of a fighter pilot and transports us to incredible aerial battles. It stays true to previous games in the series and gives us back the long-lost experience of chasing enemy planes and shooting them down in arcade mode, while trying to avoid being hit. Good for raising adrenaline levels.

inFAMOS Second Son is the third new thing in March. Open world game, in a virtual replica of Seattle, transports us to the world of Comics and superheroes, as well as their moral dilemmas, which condition the way the game unfolds. Controlling fire and smoke, we will have the mission to save the city and its inhabitants. At what price?

Finally, also Superhot integrates the March catalog. It is a game with a revolutionary concept, because while First Person Shooter brings a novelty that changes the way of playing: time only advances when we move. Which doesn’t make it any easier! Because the challenge is permanent, either because of the growing number of enemies we have to take down or because of the shape, there is no new ammunition available at every turn. Literally, a misstep can mean death. A game to see and review. And if it starts to look strange, it ends up proving to be addictive.

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