THE BALL – «The team gave what it had and what it did not» (Farense)

Jorge Costa, coach of Farense, praised the way the team managed to leave Guimarães with an important point in the baggage, the result of a two-goal tie with Vitória.

«After everything that happened during the 90 minutes, this is a positive point, achieved with a lot of effort and dedication and a tip of luck. It is a point won by a team that never stopped believing, that gave what it had and what it didn’t have. We came to play with a team with goals completely different from ours. It is a tonic in this phase », stressed the coach of the Algarve, in a press conference.

«We have individual quality to be in a different situation in the league table. I hope that these results can bring more confidence to a team that has quality. I am confident that, at the end of the season, I will be in a very different position in the fight for relegation ”, added Jorge Costa.

On the expulsion of Alex Pinto: «I didn’t see. According to the player, there is an involuntary hand touch. You can’t play with Benfica, but I will certainly have players recovered for the duel with Benfica. It will be a good headache. »


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