The ban on single-use e-cigarettes is becoming clearer

2023-11-27 06:31:00

Published on Nov. 27, 2023 at 7:26 a.m.Updated Nov. 27, 2023 at 9:13 a.m.

Disposable electronic cigarettes should soon disappear from the pockets of young French people. Announced months ago by the executive, their ban should materialize thanks to the adoption of a transpartisan bill studied from this Tuesday in committee at the National Assembly.

These products – often called puffs – are “an aberration both from the point of view of mental health and that of the environmental footprint of these devices”, underlines the proposal put forward by deputies Francesca Pasquini (ecologist) and Michel Lauzzana (Renaissance ).

Gateway to addiction

Ready to use, colorful and available in a large number of flavors (strawberry, watermelon, etc.), these little vapes have been attracting young people for several years. To the point of alerting the associations of the Alliance against tobacco for whom they are “a gateway for young people to nicotine addiction”.

Made up of plastic materials and a non-removable battery, disposable electronic cigarettes are also not recycled and represent a threat to the environment, notes the proposal.

Favorable tobacconists

Arguments taken up by the government which must present its strategy to combat smoking this week. And by a number of actors, notably tobacconists. “This has nothing to do with the vaping market as we want to support it,” declares the president of the National Confederation of Tobacconists, Philippe Coy, even if he recommends granting a deadline for implementation of a few months to allow tobacconists to empty their stocks.

“We understand the motivations of the legislator and share his desire to protect minors and the environment,” declares Vincent Durieux, president of France Vapotage, a federation bringing together manufacturers in the sector.

Terms scrutinized

However, the terms of the ban discussed by parliamentarians will be scrutinized. Those involved in the fight against tobacco fear the creativity of manufacturers and the fact that new generations of disposable electronic cigarettes will slip through the cracks.

For vaping professionals, there is no question that the ban on single-use vaping devices will harm electronic cigarettes with rechargeable batteries. Which are presented as tools for getting out of cigarette addiction.

Go fast

“Vaping can help with smoking cessation,” says co-author of the proposal Michel Lauzzana. He also believes that the blacklisting of puffs could open other debates, for example on the merits of flavors for vaping devices, or even on the banning of other products such as nicotine sachets. , etc.

“If we get into that, there will be legal insecurity,” warns the MP, recalling the need for France to comply with European law. He therefore does not wish to broaden the ban targeted by the law and moves forward quickly, convinced of having the support of most parties. “We want this to pass quickly because young people are starting to get used to this system. »

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