The Bank of Latvia will issue a new collection coin “My Latvia”

As the LB informed the portal, the artists of the collection coin “My Latvia” are Sandra Krastiņa (graphic design) and Jānis Strupulis (plastic design). The coin was minted by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (Netherlands).

The obverse of the coin depicts the large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia, while the reverse depicts the image of a smiling sun with the inscription “THE SUN FOR A LATVIA”.

The sun as a symbol of life and goodness, as the source and basic value of the existence of all people is adorned in many Latvian folk songs. The 10-year-old schoolgirl, one of the 6,742 new participants who participated in the children’s drawing competition organized by the Bank of Latvia, which took place under the motto “My Latvia” at the end of 2016-2017, depicted the image of the sun in a graphic way in a graphic expression. at the beginning of the year.

More than 10,000 proposals were submitted for the competition. The prizes were awarded to the works of 19 young authors, but the winner was a girl from Grobiņa region – Elizabete Kandere. It was her idea that turned the coin into a forge, as the sun pattern convinced her with optimism and joy of life flowing over the edges of the coin.

The collection coin “Mana Latvija” is a legal tender in the Republic of Latvia (however, it is unlikely that such coins will actually be put into circulation, as they are essentially works of art and are especially in demand by numismatists and other interested parties). The maximum circulation of the coin is 4,000 copies.

The price of the coin at the cash desks of the Bank of Latvia and on the website – 47 euros.

From March 9, the new coin will be available at the cash desks of the Bank of Latvia at K. Valdemāra Street 1B, Riga, and Teātra Street 3, Liepāja, as well as on the Bank of Latvia’s collection of coins and other numismatic products on the website. collection of coins and other numismatic products. Both individuals and Latvian companies can make purchases on the website.

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