The bank returns 95% of the money claimed extrajudicially by the floor clauses: 2,275 million | Economy

The extrajudicial resolution mechanism promoted by the Government to promote the return of the amounts charged by the bank to its clients in application of opaque floor clauses has already generated the return of 2,275.9 million euros.

The Bank of Spain has made this public this Friday, offering the closing data for March 2020, the date on which the financial sector had already received 1,213,784 refund claims from its customers.

In the absence of analyzing 4,961 of them, the number of resolved requests, 1.2 million compared to the million addressed in September 2017, accounts for a “gradual reduction in the number of requests submitted by citizens,” stresses the supervisor.

Of the total resolutions, 44.3% have been estimated by the entities, 35% have been inadmissible, 19.7% have been dismissed and 1% of cases have ended with the withdrawal by the client.

Of those estimated, 93.9% ended with an agreement, 87.8% of which was resolved with a cash refund. Another 1.6% ended without an agreement and 4.5% is still pending a response from the client.

The amount of the operations claimed is 2.38 million euros, with which the return of 2.27 million euros means that 95% of the amounts claimed have been disbursed.

Each consumer has received, on average, 4,526.9 euros in compensation for the inclusion in their mortgage of an opaque floor clause, which limited the lowering of the credit interest rate compared to the lowering of the reference rate without due transparency.


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