the Barça-Granada hot notes

BarcelonaThe Barça is going to tie in extremis against Granada at the Camp Nou and still does not offer a good image this season. Then, the hot notes of a match that Ronald Koeman points out again.

‘Decadence’ is the word. And not even the Camp Nou is saved, who left home more angry with the referee and with the added time than with his team. I trust that, in the cold, the fans will abandon victimism and demand to regain the lost greatness. And I trust that Laporta, a president of brave speech, will accompany the words with determination and face a situation that calls for a change on the bench before it is too late. Even Araujo, the soul of the team in these dark days, will play better with a renewed technical direction.

“The signing is Coutinho”. So that. As it has been impossible to find a serious destination for a devalued player with a star salary like him, the most optimistic were trying to get excited about his permanence in the Barça squad. The Brazilian has the highest record on the team. That is the only reason he is already obliged to lead the attacking front. However, his reappearance at eleven ended in a suspension without palliatives. There are no excuses even to apologize for his fitness, which obviously can be improved after so many months stopped by injury. It is a pity that against opponents like Granada he is unable to contribute anything more than four feints and two centered with little faith. Surely, and as long as he doesn’t go back to nursing, he’ll play a lot because there’s not much alternative. But with such performances his chariot of supporters will be deserted.

Like the Eibar of Mendilibar. If against Bayern he cruyffisme Koeman’s strategy involved concentrating on the flanks for their attacks. It is the same as the Andalusians advanced to the first play of the match. At home and with 89 minutes left, it is impossible for the team to give up the search for the interior corridors, to stage the “it’s what it is” that emanates from the dressing room proposing a reaction plan that would have signed Eibar of Mendilibar. And if that was the idea, why didn’t Luuk de Jong come in immediately after Duarte’s goal? If anything the Dutch striker has the ability to finish centered.

Stone football. De Jong came in after the break, but Koeman, drowned out by the urgency, thought he could make up for the lack of waist displayed in the first half by filling the area with top scorers to try to materialize the center-back bombardment. Again the curious interpretation of cruyffism: Piqué as if it were Alexanko, and Araujo, who finishes absolutely everything, as a gift. The remedy served to save a point, but it does not take Barça out of poverty. On the contrary: it can prolong the agony of a sports project as a result of Bartomeu’s last escape. Yes, in less than ten years we have gone from false nine and 3-7-0 to occupying the area to the babble.


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