The barometer comes into force this Friday: Belgium in red, here is everything that changes

The corona barometer announced last week by the consultation committee comes into force this Friday. To start, it will be in code red.

In the hotel and catering industry, the closing time is extended to midnight, instead of 11 p.m. The limitation to six people per table remains in effect and consumption standing or at the bar remains prohibited. Activities organized in groups such as those of youth movements, associative life and the practice of sport at a non-professional level are authorized with a maximum capacity of 80 people indoors and 200 people outdoors. Overnight stays are possible again. With the exception of discotheques and dance halls, indoor leisure spaces (bowling alleys, billiard rooms, casinos, etc.) may reopen to the public. The public can also return to the stadiums. For culture and events, the maximum indoor capacity is increased to 70% of the total number of places, or even 100% if air quality standards are met, below 900 ppm of CO2. A minimum threshold of 200 spectators is also defined.

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The health pass (Covid Safe Ticket) is compulsory from 50 participants or spectators indoors and 100 outdoors. Wearing a mask remains compulsory. Code red applies as soon as new hospitalizations per day exceed 150 or more than 500 beds are occupied in intensive care (ICU). Particular attention will be paid to the trend (up or down) and the rate of reproduction of the virus. Over the period from January 20 to 26, there were an average of 336 patients admitted to hospital and positive for Covid-19 and 352 patients were in intensive care, according to figures published Thursday morning by the public health institute Sciensano. . The reproduction rate of the virus was 1.22. The barometer approved by the various governments of the country will apply in principle until the end of June, said Tuesday the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, in the Health Committee of the House. However, it could be withdrawn sooner depending on the evaluations that will take place by then.

The thresholds used to allow the transition to one of the three phases (red, orange and yellow, editor’s note), based on the number of hospitalizations and patients in intensive care, should also be reassessed by a few weeks. Other non-barometer measures can always be taken by the consultation committee. Thus, the current system concerning telework (four days a week) and shopping remains applicable.

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