The Batman: Could Robert Pattinson play the youth version of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne?

As Shazam 2 or The Flash, The Batman is one of the many DCEU films that have had their release dates delayed. This does not prevent discussions around the film from continuing, or even leaks on the plot from appearing on the Web. It must be said that we do not yet know much about what awaits us in The Batman, except that Robert Pattinson will embody a younger version of the vigilante of Gotham than that previously interpreted by Ben Affleck. Will these two adaptations be linked? This is a question that can be asked. By making Robert Pattinson the young version of the Batman seen in Batman v Superman and Justice league, DC Comics and Warner Bros could indeed connect the films together, and thus link The Batman to the DCEU.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in Batman v Superman

Last February, Jim Lee, the current creative director of DC Comics, was the guest of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. On this occasion, he participated in a question and answer session with the fans present. When asked what he thought of the Snyder Cut, Jim Lee preferred to divert the conversation to the future of the DCEU: “We have an awesome Batman movie, Suicide Squad is going to rip apart, Black Adam is going to be out next year. [… ]There is Wonder Woman 1984 which has all the power of the first film. There are a lot of positive things happening, and this universe continues to move forward. “ To hear him quote The Batman in the middle of other films and talking about universes, we tend to think that the future blockbuster will indeed be part of the DCEU.

Batman and The Batman's Batmobile
Batman and The Batman’s Batmobile

Who says DCEU necessarily says a link with the other films, and therefore with the Bruce Wayne already introduced. The plot of The Batman revolving around a hero younger and less experienced than his predecessor, the blockbuster could tell us about the youth of the vigilante that we already know. After all, that’s what’s going on with Wonder Woman, whose two solo films allow us to explore events before Batman v Superman and Justice League. In the case where The Batman would actually be linked to the DCEU, It therefore seems plausible that the Bruce Wayne played by Robert Pattinson is ultimately the young version of the one played by Ben Affleck. Are we wrong or are we right? We will have to wait until 2021 to find out!


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