Entertainment The Batman: The meaning of Robert Pattinson's shield

The Batman: The meaning of Robert Pattinson’s shield


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Mexico City / 13.02.2020 23:06:30

At first glance, the shield it carries Robert Pattinson in the first images of The batman it seemed just a new version of the classic bat man logo, but it has a deeper meaning.

If you look closely, the bat symbol is made with a gun, but not just any gun, this is the same one that murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents.

This is a theory that began to run on social networks, but would be supported by what is told in “Detective Comics # 1000”, written by Kevin Smith.

In this story, Bruce decides to take his parents’ killer gun and give it a new meaning, forging with it the iconic shield he carries on his chest so that “something that broke his heart, now protect him“.

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