The Battle of the One Championship is smoldering! ‘ Callahan ‘ wins a ticket to fight ‘Georgia’ at the World Grand Prix

The Battle of the One Championship is smoldering! ‘ Callahan ‘ wins a ticket to fight ‘Georgia’ at the World Grand Prix

Kickboxing World Grand Prix Semi-Finals Got two fighters who dared to break through the checkpoint into the final round “Chao May” Sittichai, two brothers and sisters. Preparing to open the war part 2 with Chingiz Allasov, a Georgian.

The ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE battle was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday evening, January 28. The main event of the show was the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix (70.3 kg) semi-final between “Chao May” Sittichai Sitsong Phi Nong. Meet the old rival of Azerbaijan Davit Kyria, who Jaime has defeated twice.

Picture of the game throughout 3 lifting Chao Mae issued a heavy, sharp weapon. every flower detail Walk the game according to the plan Using the distance to hit the long legs, the girl with the knees floating, making Davit unable to fight back

Especially in the second round, Chao Mae threw a tall shin at Davit, even going down for the referees to count. When it was all lifted, Chao Mae won unanimously. Floating into the finals without a doubt

On the second side, find another strong person to compete in the final of the Kickboxing World Grand Prix, the Georgia fighter “Chingiz Allasov”, who had to be re-matched after the virus situation. I don’t mind until he met with the Thai backup fighter “Jo Nattawut”

With his class name and experience in kickboxing, Cingiz was against Joe on many counts. When the bell rang, Cingiz relentlessly ran over Joe, relying on dexterous footwork and battling it out for frightening speed. Joe fell down and stumbled. before succumbing to defeat one minute before the end of the first round

Send “Chingiz Allasov” to the finals of the ONE Kickboxing World Grand Prix to meet “Sittichai Sit Song Phi Nong”, which this pair has fought since 2014 by Callahan is the winner

Summarize the results of all pairs in the list.

Sittichai, two brothers and sisters Won by unanimous decision Davit Kyria (Kickboxing World Grand Prix Featherweight bout semifinals)

Chingiz Allasov defeats Jo Nattawut by knockout at 1.55 minutes of the first round (Kickboxing World Grand Prix Featherweight bout semifinals)

Zhang Lipeng defeats Ruslan Emibek Ulu by knockout at 0.32 minutes of the first round (MMA lightweight)

Rade Opacic defeats Francesco Jaya by TKO at second minute of round 2 (kickboxing heavyweight bout)

Hiroyuki Tezuka defeats Edson Marquess by knockout at 1.05 minutes of round 3 (MMA Welterweight)

Jarred Brooks defeats Hiroba Minova by unanimous decision (MMA, strawweight)

Ivan Kondrateev defeats Dovidas Rimkus at 0:35 minutes of round 3 (kickboxing 71.65 kg).

Tatsumitsu Wada defeats Wang Cao by unanimous decision (MMA 61.5 kg)

Purev Otgon Jargal Won by unanimous decision Michael de Jesus (MMA bantamweight)

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