The beard has health benefits… here are the most prominent ones

What are the amazing health benefits of a beard? How do you protect the skin? What is its role in delaying the onset of aging? Answers and more in this report.

In her report – published by the American “health digest” – writer Dennis Burrito reviewed a number of health benefits of beard cultivation for men.

Summer protection
A study from Queensland University in Australia found that beard is a natural sunscreen in summer. A bearded face is protected from harmful UV rays by 90% to 95% compared to a hairless face. Overall, this not only reduces the risk of sunburn, but also reduces the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

Dermatologist Dave Harvey explained that the ability of the beard to protect from the sun’s rays stems from the fact that the hair acts as a reflective surface that scatters the light rays. In contrast, the percentage of protection depends on the density, color and thickness of the beard.

Winter protection
On the other hand, the Twenty for Seven Wall Street website (24/7 wall st) indicates that the beard keeps the skin warm under it in the winter. In this regard, Dr. Jeremy Fenton, a dermatologist, said that the body responds to cold weather by adjusting the position of the hair and making it erect to trap heat near the skin. Beard hair can also protect the face from cold winds.

Blocking of foreign objects
The author quoted the author that thick beards are very effective in protecting against environmental irritants and allergens, similar to the mechanism of action of hair in the nose, where coarse beard hair filters dust and dirt that causes asthma and allergies before it enters the nose or mouth and infiltrates the respiratory system. On the other hand, neglecting to clean the beard – on a daily basis – creates an environment in which these harmful bodies accumulate and increases the duration of the body’s exposure to their effects.

Indirectly, the beard protects the appearance and health of facial skin because it is not subjected to constant shaving that leads to skin problems, such as hair growth under the skin, razor bumps, folliculitis, or wounds caused by a razor blade hitting any bump or pimple on the face, or even dry skin.

Delay the onset of aging
The pre-benefits of the beard – such as reversing the sun’s harmful rays and preventing dryness – will help maintain youthful skin. According to the Twenty Four Seven Wall Street website, exposure to the sun leads to early signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

In contrast, dry skin causes skin peeling, fine lines and cracking. In addition, the beard hair acts as a barrier that prevents the loss of beneficial oils promoting young skin that many people wipe without feeling by touching the skin of their face directly throughout the day.

Health protection
And Natalia Kozlova – a specialist in dermatology and venereology – had stated that the beard helps its owner protect his health, according to the “Russia Today” website, citing “Novosti”.

Indeed, the doctor added, “A stubble or even a big beard is not only an element of elegance or commitment to fashion, but also has beneficial properties for the skin.”

According to the doctor, having a beard and chin on the face helps maintain the natural oils in the skin, which in turn keeps the facial skin well moisturized.

“The beard, like any other hair on the skin of the face, reliably protects the skin from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, and this is an excellent way to protect against cancer,” Kozlova said. Also, facial hair reduces sensitivity.

The doctor explained that “the hair acts as a kind of filter that prevents irritants from entering the nose directly from the external field.”

The specialist said that raising a beard helps protect the face from the negative effects of cold air and keeps the skin warm. She added that “facial hair purifies the air, which helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.”

In addition, according to Kozlova, having a beard reduces the frequency of shaving, which in turn protects against acne.

The doctor said, “It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the beard and chin, otherwise it will become a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to certain skin diseases.”


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