The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Windows 10 Desktop Logo: The Real Story of the Windows 10 Wallpaper

2023-12-14 09:53:18

When you were a child, when you saw the default wallpaper on your computer, did you wonder why there were such beautiful pictures? Are these pictures real? Today I will solve the mystery for you. I don’t know if you have any impression of the Windows 10 wallpaper. The wallpaper that seems to be made with CG is actually designed and actually built by a professional photography team. The classic wallpaper of Windows 10 was actually shot by GMUNK, an American director and photographer. He uploaded the process and method of making the Windows 10 wallpaper in 2015 on his webpage, so that everyone can find out about this beautiful and unreal greatness. work.

It’s not CG? !What you don’t know about the behind-the-scenes story of Windows 10 desktop logo

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Friends who use Microsoft must be very familiar with the symbolic window shape of Windows. Have you ever thought about how the tablecloth you see when you turn on the computer is made? Some friends may think that with such advanced technology now, it should be made with CG. Yes, but the Windows wallpaper that everyone is familiar with now is actually designed and built by people. The release of Windows 10 in 2015 caused Windows to be upgraded again. In order to record this transformation, Windows collaborated with GMUNK, an American director and photographer, to design a new Windows 10 wallpaper. At that time, the detail of this wallpaper made people wonder whether it was using CG. maded. But in fact, this is a work completed by the team led by GMUNK who was responsible for the design, layout, and shooting.

The GMUNK team built the actual Windows logo and used different camera angles and lighting to make the photos look lifelike. Take multiple exposures of your Windows logo and composite the exposures in post to create a series of stunning ambient lighting effects. In this way, thousands of pictures can be taken at once, and then these pictures can become the Windows picture library.

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About 3,000 photos were taken during the shooting, which were put into Photoshop and combined with different exposures at 9K high resolution. Many photos were combined, but in the end the iconic Microsoft blue was chosen as the Windows 10 wallpaper, and it became the familiar Microsoft wallpaper.

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Friends who are interested in the GMUNK team shooting Windows 10 wallpaper can watch the following video or click!here ! Go to GMUNK’s official website to learn more:

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