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The Beijing premiere of the film “1921” was highly recommended by the industry, and the audience was deeply moved by the spirit of the forerunners jqknews

The movie “1921”, which will be released on July 1, held its premiere in Beijing yesterday. At the premiere scene, producer and director Huang Jianxin, co-director Zheng Dasheng, producer Ren Ning, and “one of the most representative” actors: Han Dongjun, Liu Haoran, Wang Renjun, Zhang Songwen, Liu Jiayi, Zhang Chao, and actors Yu Haoming, Fan Shiqi, Shenggang Shuai, Shi Pengyuan and Xia Meng were present to communicate and share with the audience. Director Wang Hongwei, Tang Jili, Zhang Yibai, Wu Ershan, Guo Zijian, and Zhou You, the director of the acclaimed main theme drama series “The Rebel”, etc., well-known host Ni Ping, actors Dong Zijian, Li Zhiting, etc., screenwriters Zhang Ji, Qin Haiyan, Zhao Ningyu, Yuan Yuan, Ren Peng and others all came to the scene. Although the moments of being touched are different, everyone thinks that “1921” is an exquisite gift prepared by Chinese filmmakers for the party’s birthday when the party was founded 100 years ago. It has a more international perspective and a younger expression. Director Huang Jianxin In addition to creating peaks one after another in the main theme of the movie, it also presents a new chapter that is both unique and touching enough.

Huang Jianxin, producer and director of the movie “1921”

The audience watching the movie was deeply moved by the film. Some people were excited because China had its own kind of fire, and some saw tears in the eyes of the ancestors who sacrificed “I will die first.” The gratitude and empathy for the ancestors became the collective feelings of the audience. “There is no doubt that this is a summary of the past and the prologue of the way ahead.” Everyone thinks that our current happy life is a sequel to “1921”. Apart from cherishing the memory of the ancestors, “1921” has an extra power to inspire and unite people’s hearts. Perhaps this is the value of excellent literary works.

The film

Co-director Zheng Dasheng of the movie “1921”

The premiere scene also organized a special viewing for the first time. Guangming Cinema set up a barrier-free theater for the visually impaired to watch the movie. This special movie-watching group watched the movie simultaneously with the general audience. As a freshman, Liu Jiayi was deeply moved by the atmosphere of the scene and couldn’t help but raise her hand choked up, applying to join this volunteer organization, as an ordinary student, to help these audiences truly participate in social life on an equal footing. Han Dongjun also expressed his willingness to contribute his strength to barrier-free viewing as a volunteer. The actors have inherited the youthful power of their ancestors a hundred years ago. They have also been baptized in the process of shaping their ancestors’ style and reappearing the revolutionary spirit. Both inside and outside the play realize their value in life through action.

The film

Huang Jianxin 10 years later, he will shoot the theme of party building and cast characters as a beacon

The actors of “1921” realized the effect of the role in their own way and were praised

At the premiere scene, producer and director Huang Jianxin said frankly that he hopes to have a new breakthrough when filming the theme of party building: “I filmed “The Great Cause of Party Building” ten years ago. This time I filmed the theme of party building and I really want to have a different expression. We. After five years of preparation, we have done countless historical data excavation work to capture the personalities, ideals, and beliefs of the ancestors we want to express, so that they are no longer symbols, but concrete people. I like to compare our creation to Looking for a lamp in the mist. This lamp is the lively young people a hundred years ago. We will walk towards the light with everyone.” Therefore, “1921” focuses on the characters, for example, in order to create a delicate The three-dimensional He Shuheng, Huang Jianxin and Zhang Songwen had a chat for nearly 8 hours in the deep winter, just to supplement the details of the characters as much as possible.

Co-director Zheng Dasheng commented on the audience that “1921” is “full of details and youthfulness, with a strong sense of substitution”, which is very touching: “This time is a process of learning. It is not only learning with Director Huang, but also learning back to the historical scene. Excavating historical materials Only by investigating details can the characters no longer be cold entries or one-line records, but living people. For example, when looking up historical materials, we found that the students who boycotted Japanese goods at that time recalled it more than once and used it when burning Japanese goods. All of them are’foreign fire’, this is the embarrassment and pain of that generation, so this detail is given to Li Da in the movie.” Fortunately, China now has not only matches, but also rockets and its own sparks. detector. Producer Ren Ning shared the creative efforts of the behind-the-scenes team: “This film is the result of hundreds of filmmakers. I believe it is precisely because of the cohesion of all walks of life that the country will become better and better.”

Han Dongjun’s performance in the film was appraised by the audience as “a vividly reproduced spirited ancestor, with excellent eloquence”. He also thanked the audience for affirmation: “I read a lot of information before filming, and he also sought a British teacher in order to meet his role. Correct your American accent. Participating in “1921” is an opportunity for young actors to feel the difficulty of building a party.” Liu Haoran was well received by the audience because of his interpretation of the passionate youth of the archetype character, and also praised Liu Renjing.” The image of “Little Marx” is shaped just right. He also shared his thoughts on participating in the show: “As a young actor, through participating in “1921”, he realized that there are actually many things young people can do. For example, these ancestors, dare to think and do, take a step. Change the whole country in one step!”

He Shuheng interpreted by Zhang Songwen has become one of the most vivid characters in the eyes of the audience because of his lively details and infectious performance. At the scene, he also shared the behind-the-scenes story emotionally: In order to interpret He Shuheng’s psychological activities before jumping off the cliff, he wrote a letter from the perspective of the characters, the content is “I hope we can see the dawn of victory together”. Therefore, before the sacrifice, although he was full of tears, his mouth was smiling. This kind of polished and devoted tribute to the characters also touched the empathy of the audience, and the audience applauded spontaneously on several occasions.

Liu Jiayi, as the youngest “post 00” among the “big representative” actors, was also recognized by the audience for his smart performance. At the premiere, he expressed as nervous as waiting for the exam results, but this time he “recognized the responsibility of young actors. We must pass on the positive energy of our ancestors to our peers, even younger children.” Zhang Chao also revealed at the scene that, including their sitting postures during the “big” meeting, they were all carefully restored, and the production of excellence in the 1:1 reconstruction of a meeting site, so that the actors can be very strong in interpreting the characters. The sense of substitution.

Yu Haoming said that participating in “1921” is a recognition in itself: “It is a precious opportunity to create such a key film celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party together. I hope that this sense of mission can be passed on to the audience.” Shi Pengyuan As a 15-year-old high school student, after participating in “1921”, I hope that children as old as myself can realize that a happy life is hard to come by. Xia Meng, who is studying at the Beijing Film Academy, said that participating in “1921” has continued to harvest and grow, sending a message to the students: “Our motivation for learning is to build a more prosperous motherland.” Sheng Gangshuai starred Zhao Shiyan for this time. He made a lot of preparations and studied the French version of “Internationale”. He shared his creative motivation on the spot: “Because of understanding the deeds of the ancestors, I was moved by their revolutionary spirit to go on at all costs!” Fan Shiqi also learned in advance. I have learned French, and I am honored to be able to pass on the youthful blood of the ancestors in this performance.

The film

The director of “The Rebel” praised the feeling of the dawn of the revolutionary era, Ni Ping was unable to suppress the excitement and bowed to the creator

Many directors and actors from the industry also came to the scene of the event that day. These film and television industry colleagues all praised the film. Although the plots and characters that moved them were different, they were either moist eyes or choked voices. It can be seen that they have gone deep into the play. Associate professor and screenwriter Wang Hongwei of the Beijing Film Academy’s Directing Department was also very curious before watching the movie. There have been many jewels and jade works on the theme of the party, including director Huang’s own works, so it is impossible to predict the presentation of “1921”. After watching the film, he said that it was really surprising, “The film is still innovating on the basis of other main theme movies, the director Jianxin and the director of Dasheng are still innovating. This is a particularly majestic and informative movie, from small to large. In terms of writing, it is very comprehensive from the horizontal line to the vertical line.” The famous Hong Kong director Tang Jili said, “This is a very exciting and detailed feature film that I watched, but at the same time it also contains typographical elements. The spy warfare line made me feel thrilling and enjoyable. I hope that China will be more enjoyable. Many young people become more patriotic through watching movies.”

Director Wu Ershan described this film as a very careful and exquisite gift. “I especially admire the two directors’ ability to combine many complex characters, events, and scenes into a full-fledged movie, and see us in a history textbook. The abstract texts that I arrived at turned into very concrete and vivid characters and stories.” Zhou You, the director of the recently concluded high-reputation drama “The Rebel”, also gave a high evaluation to “1921”, thinking that this work is like a magnificent historical picture, saying that this work makes him feel the revolutionary era. Shuguang said, “These people with lofty ideals should have been faced with the choice of life and death at all times. Under such a cruel background, these figures in history are full of a kind of hope. Especially the little girl impressed me very deeply. She The clear eyes have added a softness and hope to the era of revolutionary idealism.” In that turbulent social atmosphere, these young people were radiated with the light of hope. This kind of sun-bearing power is worth passing on to everyone. Audience.

The famous host Ni Ping was shocked by the power of the movie “1921” to hit the soul. “The romantic love between the characters of Huang Xuan and Ni Ni during the revolutionary period of intellectuals, I shed tears for them several times. There is both grandeur in the movie. This is a movie that I admire in particular.” Teacher Ni Ping could not restrain his inner excitement, and finally bowed to show respect to the creators.

“1921” was highly affirmed by film critics, the audience called out to join the party after watching

The first synchronized premiere in the barrier-free hall, the ancestors call to break through the physical limitations of time

In addition to industry insiders, the audience’s response that day was also very enthusiastic. A film blogger said after the screening that the film restored the cold text in the textbook into a vivid picture, allowing everyone to touch the era through watching the movie. “There is no hero who falls from the sky. Heroes are ordinary people who stand up in danger. people”. The well-known film critic Luo Gangji also shared his thoughts immediately after watching the film. Although Director Huang directed the same theme of “The Great Cause of Party Building” ten years ago, Luo Yongji believes that “The appearance of “1921” is not a duplicate work. It makes up for the unknown details in “The Great Cause of Party Building”. The macro narratives of “The Great Cause of Party Building” complement each other,” and “1921” was highly appraised.

There was also a third-grade kid at the premiere. He said in a crisp and tender voice, “The hearts of Communist Party members are made of iron. They are very strong and amazing. In the movie, I felt the blood boiling of the ancestors of that era.” . Maybe the children still can’t fully understand the profound meaning of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, but he blended into the hot era in watching the movie and was infected by the great spirit of the Communists. A senior student was greatly encouraged after watching the movie and regretted that he “failed to join the party in college, and must work hard in the future to become a Communist Party member as soon as possible.” The simple and sincere language impressed the scene. Everyone.

There was also a special viewing on that day, which was a barrier-free viewing organized by Guangming Cinema. Along with the introduction of the screen by the narration, the barrier-free commentary allows the visually impaired people on the scene to watch the movie at the same time as ordinary people and feel the magnificent history of a century ago. After the screening, the creators also came to the theater to communicate with these special audiences. There was a third-year student representative of Beijing School for the Blind, Sun Minghan, who was still in tears when she got up. This barrier-free viewing made her feel the surging years immersively. “It’s the first time to walk in with everyone. The’excitement’ of the theater, the’movement’ brought to me by the early communists, and the’heartbeat’ brought to me by the smoke and fire in the film. These complex emotions turned me into my own’action’, and continued to face the dawn in my heart. run.”

The actor Liu Jiayi heard that the volunteers of Guangming Cinema are composed of teachers and students in school. As a freshman, he was deeply touched, choked up and raised his hand and said, “I also want to join this organization as a student. , Contribute your youth power to barrier-free viewing.” Han Dongjun said that although he is not a student at school, he is still willing to participate in this organization as a volunteer and contribute to barrier-free viewing. A hundred years ago, they wrote the most meaningful youth with firm belief and loneliness. A hundred years later, these actors outside the theater are also using their actions to realize their value in life.

The film “1921” focuses on the groundbreaking event of the founding of the Communist Party of China. These early communists kept asking where their value was and where the future of the country was when the nation was in peril. With their firm beliefs, they led the entire nation out of a path. new road. Today, “1921” conveys this great spirit to contemporary youth through the artistic means of film, and also demonstrates the original intention and responsibility of contemporary literary and artistic creators. The film will be released nationwide on July 1. It is a very ceremonial way of celebrating a birthday in the cinema at the great moment of the centennial of the founding of the party.

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