The benefits of fabric cabinets

A fabric wardrobe can be an option for storing clothes, shoes and even cosmetics. So read on to find out their benefits.

The benefits of fabric cabinets

Last update : 19 mars, 2023

Fabric cabinets have various advantages in terms of cost, assembly, location, storage capacity and cleaning thereof. Of course, it all depends on the use and function you want to give them.

Here we invite you to discover the advantages of these versatile pieces of furniture, as well as how to maintain them to make the most of them in organizing all household items.

Fabric cabinets: what is it?

Word armoire derived from arms, which implies that it is an element that can be assembled. A wardrobe is used to store clothes or other belongings.

When we talk about this type of furniture, most may think of a very large wooden furniture, with doors and mirrors. We can also imagine a built-in piece of furniture.

However, today cabinets are made from a variety of materials, be it metal, plastic or wood-based products such as MDF or melamine board. There are even fabric cabinets, the frame of which can be made of metal rods.

Among the characteristics of these are the following:

  • They have different compartments for storing clothes or other objects, depending on their strength or resistance.
  • Some have a front zipper or roll-up doors, preventing dust from entering.
  • They come in a variety of designs and sizes, adaptable to the space or people’s needs.
  • They can be made of canvas, cotton, synthetic or plastic, among others.
  • They are generally washable, at least the fabric part.

Some fabric tall cabinets include a bar for longer garments, such as dresses, pants or jackets. There are also cabinets that include organizers to create divisions and store towels and sheets, shoes and accessories (hats, scarves, socks, underwear, belts, etc.).

Cabinets can be very different from each other. The availability of space is a fundamental factor when choosing.

The benefits of fabric cabinets

Fabric cabinets have many advantages. Check them out below.

1. Fabric cabinets take up little space

Although there are different sizes, some are usually small or narrow (from 60 centimeters wide). This is a big advantage over wooden ones, which are usually larger. They thus constitute storage strategies for small parts.

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2. Versatility

Another advantage of fabric cabinets is that they can be placed in almost any room in the house, ranging from the bedroom to the bathroom. For example, you can have one for clothes fresh out of the dryer, which would also tidy up the laundry room.

3. Discretion

There are a variety of models and colors, so they can adapt to the decoration. There are even bold models.

4. Everything in its place

The main reason to buy another cabinet at home is that it allows you to have in one place the objects which, if scattered, would not only create a feeling of clutter, but would also be more difficult to locate.

5. Save time

Being a very effective resource for maintaining order, fabric cabinets also help save time and effort.

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6. A second option

If you need additional storage to free up the main cabinet, especially to store items that you don’t need immediately, the fabric cabinet is a perfect option.

7. In the bathroom

In the bathroom, you also need to store a number of things:

  • Mop up
  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrushes
  • Hand or face towels
  • Personal care products

8. In the kitchen

Another space where it is possible to take advantage of a fabric wardrobe is the kitchen. Mitts to hold hot pots and paper towels, among other things, can be placed there.

9. In the sewing room

In a cutting and sewing workshop you can have a piece of furniture of this type to store the patternsas well as scraps of fabrics, threads and other tools.

10. For shoes

Fabric cabinets are a good option for shoes. And even more so if it is an open wardrobe and sports shoes are stored in it, since they will dry faster, preventing the appearance of various health problems.

According researchesthe humidity and the heat of the shoes are factors that can predispose to suffer from ringworm of the feet or athlete’s foot.

11. Lightness

Fabric cabinets weigh much less than wooden furniture. Therefore, you can easily move them, without scratching the floor.

12. Easily transportable

Wooden cabinets are difficult to transport and fit into a vehicle. This is not the case with fabric cabinets.

13. Protection of objects

Fabric cabinets help protect items from dust, as well as naughty pets.

14. Cost

One of the biggest advantages of fabric cabinets is that they are usually relatively inexpensive because they are made from less expensive materials.

15. Easy to assemble

Some of this furniture is sold ready to use; others come disassembled, so that they are more easily transportable. The assembly process is not complicated.

16. And easy to clean

The fabric from which they are made is usually washable. He can therefore go to the machine. All you have to do is clean the frame.

17. Mold reduction

The inside and the back wall of the cabinets are a space where little air circulation, so it is common for mold to develop. However, the fact that fabric cabinets are easy to clean, ventilate and move helps prevent this problem from occurring.

18. Kids love them

Kids tend to love fabric cabinets, especially ones with playful patterns. These are more showy and fit well in a children’s room, much more than a traditional wooden piece of furniture.

19. They are stored when not in use

If you don’t need the fabric cabinet for a while, you can take it apart or fold it up, depending on the model, and put it away. It won’t take up unnecessary space.

20. Strong and durable

Despite their fragile appearance, fabric cabinets are often durable. Frame materials can resist rust and moisture; although it depends on the care given to them.

A great option is to include fabric organizers in the common closets we all have.

Maintenance of fabric cabinets

Despite their versatility and various advantages, fabric cabinets need to be maintained, so that they last longer and fully perform their functions. To this end, the following recommendations can be taken into account:

  • Do not exceed the maximum weight, i.e. do not store too large or too heavy objects inside.
  • In the case of those that include zippers, you should treat them carefully, without opening them suddenly.
  • Do not put wet or sweaty clothes in it, so as to avoid bad odors inside the closet.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects, such as scissors. In case they do, they better be with a cover.
  • Don’t forget to empty them, move them, ventilate them and wash them with a certain frequency to reduce the risk of mold appearing.

Fabric cabinets are allies

In short, fabric cabinets can be great allies. They help us save expense, space and even time and energy.

But we cannot forget that maintaining order within the house depends on our attitude. And it is necessary at all costs to avoid the disorder, because it is a factor which disturbs the harmony of the hearth.

Whether you have fabric or wood cabinets, the important thing is to clean them. They still accumulate dust, and unwanted mites can appear.

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