The Benegas Lynch Family: Champions of Liberal Ideology in Argentina and their Influence on Milei

2023-08-17 20:20:30

Javier Milei defines them as his “heroes”. All with the same name, Alberto Benegas Lynch father, son and grandson are largely responsible for the insertion and dissemination of liberal ideology in the country. The older Alberto, who died in February 1999introduced the thought of the Austrian school in Argentina and is noted for his support for the dictatorship of 1955.

Her son, Alberto Benegas Lynch (h), is the object of Milei’s passion, and in the last hours she reaffirmed her position in favor of the sale of organs and against legal abortion. “I am in favor of the sale of organs and against abortion because, as the National Academy of Medicine said, from the moment of conception there is a person of human nature who is in the power of many things, just like you and me. we are in the power of many things,” he said Wednesday in an interview with businessman and journalist Jorge Fontevecchia.

The youngest of the Lynch family, “Bertie”, is now a candidate for deputy of La Libertad Avanza.

The Benegas Lynch family

The Benegas Lynch family comes from a long conservative and liberal tradition. The grandfather was one of the promoters of the arrival of this ideology in the country. After more than a decade of studies, in 1957 Alberto Benegas Lynch created the Center for Studies on Freedom, from where he summoned two leading economists from the Austrian School, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, the latter a supporter of ” a liberal dictatorship” and defender of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

The truth is that, in our country, Alberto Benegas Lynch was not exempt from supporting military dictatorships. This is explained in the book De la refoundación al ocaso: los intellectuales liberal-conservadoras ante la última dictatorship, by Vicente Martín, where the support of the eldest of the Benegas Lynch family for the self-proclaimed “Revolución Libertadora”, which he overthrew and outlawed, is recounted. to Perón in 1955 and gave the economist a position at the embassy in the United States.

Years later he would also support, along with José Martínez de Hoz and Álvaro Alsogaray, the Videla dictatorship in 1976.

For his part, Alberto Benegas Lynch (h) always highlighted the influence of his father on his ideology. This was made clear during an interview: “If it hadn’t been for my father, I certainly don’t know if I would have been a Trotskyist, but at least a Keynesian,” he said. To which he added: “Only due to my father’s immense patience and perseverance , who showed me other sides of the library, I was able to escape from the usual climates of statism in its various variants”.

The youngest of the family, known as “Bertie” Benegas Lynch, worked for ten years at Banco Santander and twelve as general director of Universia Argentina until he decided to get involved in politics at the hands of Milei. His candidacy for national deputy does not come as a great surprise given the close relationship that the head of La Libertad Avanza has with his father.

Relatives of Che Guevara?

Of course, in the family history of the Benegas Lynchs there were also other realities, and that is that, if you investigate in depth, you can see how they share a genealogy with the communist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara. A colored fact is that, when explaining his relationship with the guerrilla, the father of the current candidate for deputy revealed that his parents are first cousins.

“In my family there has been a lot of talk about Che, since my father was his first cousin. The grandfather of the subject in question was an excellent person, Roberto Guevara, married to Anita Lynch, sister of my maternal grandmother. In genealogy train, I note that I am more Lynch than Benegas, since both my father and my mother descend from two of Patricio Lynch’s children, from whom Che also descends”, explained in an opinion column for a digital medium.

But, who is Benegas Lynch (h) and what does it have to do with Milei?

Alberto Benegas Lynch (h), Milei’s “hero”, is 83 years old, is a doctor in Economics and Management Sciences, a member of the Academic Council of the Institute for Economic Affairs in London and is linked to various liberal think tanks in Argentina. In addition, he is the author of 20 books.

His relationship with the leader of La Libertad Avanza dates back “many” years. The first meeting took place when the self-styled “anti-caste” economist invited him to have lunch at a bar in Recoleta. “In that meeting I was impressed by his didactic capacity, of synthesis, his affability and cordiality,” Milei recalled years later.

In fact, when interviewed by La Nación, Benegas Lynch (h) compared Javier Milei with Álvaro Alsogaray, a soldier, economist and official (like him) of the 1955 dictatorship, later appointed ambassador to the United States after the 1966 coup and a important figure in the governments of Arturo Frondizi (1958-1962) and José María Guido (1962-1963). Alsogaray was also questioned for his defense of the genocide perpetrated by the Armed Forces in the 1970s.

As if that were not enough, Alberto Benegas Lynch (h) was a key player in the rapprochement between Mauricio Macri (of whom he was highly critical for considering his policy as an unliberal “catastrophe”) and Javier Milei, since he coordinated three meetings ” very cordial and pleasant” via Zoom between both neoliberal leaders.

How Milei’s “hero” thinks

In the last hours, Benegas Lynch (h) went viral by making it clear that Javier Milei’s statements in favor of the sale of organs, which generated so much criticism, were not an outburst, but part of his program. He summed it up so clearly, interviewed by Radio Perfil: “I am in favor of the sale of organs and against abortion.”

To justify this position, Milei’s “hero” assured that this does not imply “that people are forced to sell their organs”, but rather “do with one’s own body what one sees fit”. Thus, he compared the ban on the sale of organs with not allowing “vaccines or alcohol gel to be sold in the midst of the problems we are in.”

But the freedom that Benegas Lynch (h) preaches about the body only reaches the organs, since when talking about abortion his position is the opposite: “There are many who are in favor of homicide in the womb, read abortion, and they are against the sale of organs. It seems to me that they have a phenomenal inconsistency because it is one thing to kill another person and another to do what one thinks is with his body, ”he said.

Other definitions of Benegas Lynch

In an opinion essay titled What is the 2030 Agenda and where does it come from? Benegas Lynch (h) launched a series of definitions:

“Redistributionism fully affects the institution of private property, which is vital to allocate the always scarce resources.” “The so-called ‘environmentalism’ (…) by attacking private property greatly harms the environment and promotes impoverishment , at the same time that they are based on erroneous data”. “The misinterpretations inherent to global warming (…) transfer costs to third parties, affecting their rights, must be penalized in the same way as any injury to life, liberty and property”. “The ‘gender equality’ that opposes the biological difference in sexuality between men and women to instead transform it into a self-perception issue with which it aims to facilitate homicide in the womb called ‘abortion’.”
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