The best assets to use in Zombies in Black Ops Cold War

Die Maschine is the last adventure offered in Zombies mode on Black Ops Cold War. Packed with creatures thirsty for human brains and operating in a hostile environment, players can count on an array of weapons, secrets and assets to try to survive. Here are the best assets to focus on.

There is something consistently satisfying about equipping an alien Ray Gun and burning the rotten flesh of the living dead. What originally was a nice little mini-game on Call of Duty: World at War has over the episodes, transformed into a real game mode in high demand by players.

In order to meet these expectations, Black Ops Cold War has not done things by halves and offers with Die Maschine, a real captivating survival experience as well as an original scenario. However, like all previous Zombies modes, you’ll quickly need to know your different strengths if you want to see the end of the tunnel.

So here are the best perks to get in CoD: Black Ops Cold War.



You will need certain essential assets in order to survive.

The assets are used concretely to bring you special modifiers which can improve your stats or particular boosts. In Die Maschine, you have 6 different perks that you can buy during your game.

However, even if there are 6 different ones, it is possible to wear them all at the same time. So if you get stuck, you can still make yourself an explosive cocktail and temporarily become a real war machine.

  • Juggernog : Increases your maximum health
  • Energizing cola : Increases reload speed by 15%
  • Rapid resuscitation : Reduces the time it takes to fully heal yourself by 50%. Reduces the time it takes to revive an ally by 50%
  • energy : Increases running and sprinting speed
  • Elemental soda : Each bullet has a low chance to activate a random Base Ammo Mod
  • Deadly Daiquiri : Aim at the weak point of the enemy. Removes the oscillation of the bezel

Which are the best?

If there are fewer assets available, it is first and foremost because the zombie mode has been fundamentally overhauled. Crafting and upgrades are now an important part of strategy. You can also improve your assets to greatly increase their power.

In this article, we’ll assume that you are a generous soul and that you will have three perks for the majority of your game. These are the best assets you absolutely need to have in Zombies mode.


BOCW zombies atout Juggernog

Always. More. Health.

  1. Reduces state corruption time by 50%.
  2. The protection of armor plates is increased by 25%.
  3. Your maximum health increases by 100 points.

The extreme importance of the Juggernog simply cannot be underestimated. You need it at all costs. Once you get to the more advanced levels of the mode, it becomes a vital asset to own as even the weakest zombies are now much more powerful. Likewise, it is easy to get surrounded in the early rounds by a horde.

Its upgrades only strengthen your status as a Juggernog. Getting it to the last level is probably an essential step to successfully complete your game. If you’re a four-player and you all have this asset, you should earn a good stay. Finally, it also allows you to rely much less on the Rapid Resuscitation asset, which is becoming almost obsolete.

Energizing cola

BOCW zombies atout Speed Cola

Your enemies will not wait for you to let you recharge.

  1. Faster weapon change
  2. Cooldown of combat buffs reduced by 20%.
  3. Increases reload speed by 20%.

There is undoubtedly nothing worse than emptying your magazine in a zombie, seeing a second greet you with an open mouth, change your weapon only to find that it too is empty because you forgot to reload . It also works when you use a weapon you are particularly fond of but runs out of steam as a few hundred zombies stare at you with their tongues hanging out.

The Energizing Cola is once again a must have when you get into rounds 20 and up. Each level then becomes a long torrent of cries and zombies dreaming of biting deeply into your delicate skin. Still, as long as you have the Energizing Cola Perk, you should be able to keep reloading your weapons to disperse this overly intrusive crowd.


BOCW zombies Energy asset

Run, as fast as your legs will allow you.

  1. Increase speed in reverse
  2. Immunity against fall damage
  3. Walk faster while looking through the viewfinder.

To wrap up these tips, if you’ve taken some damage and end up emptying your second weapon’s magazine, maybe it’s time to put some distance between you and the zombies. The beauty of these meticulously designed maps is that they allow you to roam freely. The shortcuts and other passages give you the perfect paths for your retreat time to get back on your feet.

BOCW’s Die Maschine map is no different from previous modes and even has a portal that can get you out of some awkward situations. However, the ability to run as fast as possible quickly becomes essential. Not only will you be fast, but you will be able to back down and aim faster than ever to cover your retirement.

Be careful, however, do not believe on reading this article that all the other assets are useless. However, if your purse is not very full, you will die and lose all of your equipment, etc. these are therefore assets to be considered as a priority. Upgrade them as soon as possible and you will survive longer. You will then have a chance to discover the terrible secrets behind Die Maschine.

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