The best body-toning exercises at home

Effective exercise in Fat burningAnd it replaces the use of sports clubs, as it does not require the use of any sports equipment, when doing it at home. Best Exercises to tighten the body At home, in the following.

The best body-toning exercises at home

There are many types of exercises to tighten the body at home, and all of them revolve around increasing fitness, strengthening all body muscles, and giving the body a graceful and coherent figure. In the following, a glimpse of the best among these exercises.

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Shoulder tightening exercise

Exercise is useful for tightening the shoulder muscles, and is applied as follows: After standing, straight up, hands are placed on the waist. Then, the upper body is bent to the left, with the left hand bent downwards so that the elbow touches the waist. Then, it returns to the starting point, slowly.
• Repeat the exercise fifteen times, using each side.

The waist roll exercise

Exercise helps burn “stubborn” fat accumulated in the waist area, and is performed according to the following: After standing, straight, tightening the body and keeping the back straight, the legs move away, so the upper part of the body is moved, similar to rotating in the right direction, to the maximum possible degree. Her attain. Then, repeat the exercise, using the other side.
• Repeat the exercise fifteen times, using each side.

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Leg rotation exercise

The exercise is effective in tightening the abdominal muscles, and it is spent sitting on the floor, and turning the back a little back. Hands are placed behind the ears, with the knees bent, and the legs raised at an angle (45 degrees). Then, you draw a circle in the air, with the legs in the opposite direction, just like riding a bicycle.
Repeat the exercise ten times.

Leg extension exercise

The exercise helps to tighten the muscles of the legs, and is applied as follows: After standing straight, one leg extends a step forward, with the knee bending, and the other leg kept straight. Hold this point, until the leg muscles feel tight. Hold this position as much as possible. Then, it materializes back to the starting point. Steps of the exercise are repeated, using the other leg.
Repeat the exercise ten times.

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Squat exercise

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, and is performed as follows: After sitting, legs spread apart, arms are extended, with the knees bent, and the buttocks pushed back. Hold this point for 30 seconds, returning to the starting point, slowly.
• Repeat the exercise fifteen times.

Before exercising

It is recommended to do warm-up exercises; Before starting to do the aforementioned exercises, in order to avoid muscle tears.
• Be sure to eat food an hour before exercise, because otherwise, it may cause a feeling of weakness and dizziness. In this context, it is preferable to focus on eating foods rich in carbohydrates, in order to obtain maximum energy while performing sports.
• keen to increase the strength of aerobic exercise, gradually.
• Avoid exercising when feeling fatigued.
• Drink plenty of water every day. To protect the body from dehydration.
It is preferable to wear cotton clothes; To absorb perspiration, during exercise.

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