The best coffee shops in the USA

Everyone is familiar with the famous American coffeehouse chains which can be found all around the world. But coffee culture in the United States has recently shifted its focus away from these huge corporations, and on to small, cozy shops offering all kinds of premium-quality coffee – organically-sourced, exotic and typically ground on the spot in preparation for each cup.

This kind of coffee shop provides not just a unique selection of flavors, but also a great place to read, or to hang out with friends. In the last few years, these establishments have been popping up all over the country, creating an ever-greater array of options to choose from. The best-known and most prestigious coffee shops have now become a must-see for many tourists, hence their inclusion on most food tours, such as the Chicago Food Tour.

Nowadays most people are looking for something more than a regular coffee, which is why many coffee shops go the extra mile to source their beans from small-scale, premium-quality farms and producers. These coffee beans are usually pre-roasted to ensure an excellent final product.

Some coffee shops also offer meals or pastries to accompany their delicious beverages, while others are dedicated exclusively to coffee. In this article we will look at some of the best coffee shops in the United States, so you won’t miss out if you are travelling nearby, or live in the same city. And if you are interested in booking a food tour that stops off at some of the most popular coffee shops in the land, we recommend visiting this food tour site.

The top 5 coffee shops in the US

  • Brooklyn Roasting Company (Brooklyn)
    This store showcases a fantastic selection of organic and fair-trade coffees. It is located in a former warehouse, just a block away from the Manhattan Bridge and East River. A spacious shop furnished with upcycled materials, it makes for a very pleasant atmosphere for hanging out while sipping a delicious cup of coffee. Meanwhile, just two blocks away, a beautiful park is the ideal location to spend a summer afternoon underneath the trees, savoring an iced coffee from the Brooklyn Roasting Company.
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters (New York)

If you ever feel like taking a New York Food tour, make sure you check out Stumptown, which was founded by Duane Sorenson in 1999 and played a part in making the humble coffee shop a worldwide phenomenon. Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a reputation for personally visiting its coffee producers, and for creating long-lasting relationships with its suppliers. It also roasts its own beans, which is reflected in the delicious taste of its hot and iced coffees. Of the two branches in New York, the 8th and MacDougal Street shop is larger, and also offers a great range of coffee tasting courses.

  • Bourgeois Pig Café (Chicago)
    This popular restaurant with a charming atmosphere is a must-see on any Chicago Food tour. The establishment has been in business for over 25 years, and offers an excellent selection of coffees and teas, as well as a wide variety of baked goods, meals and snacks.

  • Capitol Coffee Works (Seattle)
    This shop is a favorite of coffee connoisseurs, offering a great selection of delicious beverages. Capitol’s beans are directly sourced from selected coffee growers who work with sustainable crops. Each variety of coffee is carefully curated, while workers typically receive nine months of training to become coffee experts themselves. The store also offers delicious pastries, teas, sandwiches and bagels.

  • Coava Coffee Brew Bar (Portland)
    This coffee shop is a local favorite in Portland, Oregon, with four locations around town. It offers a wide variety of premium and responsibly sourced coffees, and in one of its branches, visitors can sample coffee for free every day at 1 pm.

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