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Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday takes place for a day during which the signs multiply the good plans. A few hours later, Cyber ​​Monday is organized. Appearing for the first time in 2005 in the United States, Cyber ​​Monday is in the same spirit as Black Friday. The difference is that the goal of Cyber ​​Monday is to boost online sales nationwide. Cyber ​​Monday thus takes place only on the internet and during a 24-hour day. This commercial party for e-merchants takes place in the coming hours.

5 good iPhone plans not to be missed:

iPhone 11 64 GB to 356€99 instead of 650€

iPhone 12 64 GB to 739€ instead of 909€

iPhone 13 128 GB at 779€99 instead of 908€95

iPhone 14 128 GB at 929€ instead of 1019€

iPhone 14 Pro max 128 Go à 1429€ instead of 1799€

5 good bike & scooter deals not to be missed:

foldable electric scooter 249€99 instead of 329€99

Electric scooter connected to €349 instead of €45392

All-terrain electric scooter 479€99 instead of 599€99

Scooty electric bike at 499€ instead of 649€

Xiaomi folding electric bike at 799€ instead of 1022€61

5 good Samsung plans not to be missed:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE at 399€ instead of 649€

Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB at 509€ instead of 599€

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB at 909€ instead of 999€

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB at 399€ instead of 659€

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro at 159€ instead of 229€

5 good Dyson plans not to be missed:

Dyson V8 Origin stick vacuum cleaner 279€99 instead of 329€

Dyson Big Ball Parquet vacuum cleaner 2 to 229€99 instead of 249€99

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute stick vacuum cleaner 529€ instead of 649€

New Dyson V15 Detect Absolute stick vacuum cleaner 699€ instead of 749€

Dyson Purifier Humidify+ air purifier 549€ instead of 699€

5 good TV plans not to be missed:

Toshiba 4K LED TV 369€99 instead of 539€17

43-inch Samsung LED 4K TV with 379€99 instead of 658€19

75-inch Samsung LED 4K TV with 829€99 instead of 1384€29

Philips Ambilight 4k TV at 1119€ instead of 1499€

Samsung OLED 4k UHD TV at 1799€ instead of 2299€

When is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday 2022 runs for 24 hours only. This is a flash operation highlighting a period of attractive promotions. Cyber ​​Monday 2023 takes place this Monday, November 28, 2022. The end date of Cyber ​​Monday is this Monday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m. It happens that some e-merchants leave some good deals online the next day, but the official end date of Cyber ​​Monday is indeed Monday, November 28 at the end of the evening. Cyber ​​Monday is also considered the most profitable day for merchants around the world.

Where to find good deals on the internet during Cyber ​​Monday?

This Monday, November 28, many online sales sites are participating in Cyber ​​Monday. The biggest merchant brands play the game like AliExpress, Fnac, Amazon, Darty, Fnac and all the others. Cyber ​​Monday concludes Black Week during which offers have multiplied on the web. Many product universes are affected by Cyber ​​Monday. You can thus take advantage of it to renew your high-tech appliances, your household appliances and many other products, with good plans concerning major brands at reduced prices in particular. Cyber ​​Monday has no geographical borders, so you can find offers all over the web this Monday, November 28.

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