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Our expert has chosen the model Evoland, static pedals, as the best manual static pedal pedal of the four analyzed for its design and the effectiveness of its non-slip base.

The current health crisis caused by COVID-19 forces us to continue spending most of our time at home. To make this situation more bearable, you can read more, consume more television or put your culinary skills to the test. However, there are more alternatives. Can practice moderate exercise and stay in shape, for example, with a static pedallers: these mini bikes are characterized by their compact dimensions and light weight, and in addition to training your legs you can also use them with your arms.

Benefits of using static pedals

Precisely, the size and weighing of these static pedal machines favor its use in any corner of the home; Even if you telecommute, you could place yours under the desk and when you want to take a break, start pedaling. What you should bear in mind is that a pedal rider – due to its characteristics – it is not intended for standing use. Of course, as in any physical activity, the posture adopted by the body is important. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that the back is straight and supported on a smooth and stable surface. While the legs have to remain flexed and comfortable. If you are going to use it anyway for work your armsFind a table whose height is above the waist so that you can also bend your arms.

It is convenient that each day you dedicate between 20 and 30 minutes to use your static pedals, although there is no mandatory time as such. Consistency is important so that you begin to notice its benefits. Arms gain strength, legs feel more agile, blood circulation improves … And if you’re concerned about calories, these mini bikes feature an LCD screen that shows you the calories you burn. Its use is also recommended for people with limited mobility, the elderly or if you have just come out of an injury.

What are the best static pedals

This selection of stationary pedals for exercising at home includes four models available on Amazon that accumulate a large number of user reviews. They are as follows: AGM, static pedals (7,5), Evoland, static pedals (8,5), Fitodo, mini bike with monitor LCD (8) e Himaly, mini exercise bike (8,25).

When analyzing them, some of the criteria that have been taken into account are the following:

– Materials: Its quality is decisive to guarantee the durability of the static pedal.

– Adhesion to the ground: This type of pedalboard tends to move slightly as a result of the friction that is generated. At this point, not everyone offers the same answer. On the other hand, some models include a non-slip mat and an adjustable foot strap as accessories and this is appreciated.

– Adjustable resistance: they all bring it. It is selected through a thread that they incorporate. Ideally, it allows you to choose from as many options as possible depending on how you prefer to use it each day.

– Use experience: how the pedal machine turns out, if it fulfills what was promised, if the pedals feel comfortable, the stability of the machine …

Comparison of the best manual pedallers

During the last weeks each of these pedal machines have been used to exercise mainly the legs and check the experience of using a product of this type, how is the pedaling, if their non-slip designs are effective or not …

The pedaler with the best score is the model Evoland, static pedals. With an attractive design that attracts attention, its extreme lightness does not prevent it from providing the best anti-slip response.

Evoland, static pedals

The best static and manual pedals for exercising anywhere

It shares a practically identical design with the Fitodo pedal, except that the Evoland proposal is available in blue and green. The quality and finishes chosen for its manufacture (metal and hard plastic) achieve the highest score. Also if we look at the smallest details, which favors its durability and resistance to the passage of time and use.


– Materials: metal and plastic.

– Maximum load: 110 kg.

– Drums: 1x 1,5V AG13.

– Dimensions: 480 x 410 x 300 mm.

– Weight: 2,5 kg.

– Others: folding design, LCD screen, adjustable resistance. Also valid for arm training.

As with the Fitodo mini-bike, the structure is foldable if you want to save more space (unfolded, it has dimensions of 480 x 410 x 300 mm). In addition, it only weighs 2.5 kg. What is most striking is that even offering the lowest weight, its degree of adherence to the ground is one of the best and the pedaller feels especially stable. In this regard, the manufacturer has done a good job with the four support points that support the entire structure. From the first moment, you feel comfortable using it and, therefore, legs and feet appreciate it from the moment you start pedaling; Being smooth and constant, it allows you to easily reach the goals you set yourself thanks to the ergonomics of its static pedals.

The performance of your LCD screen is correct, like that of its competitors. Like them, you can check the duration of the exercise you do, calories you burn, current speed or revolutions per minute.

– The best: product finish, very light weight and excellent adherence.

– Worst: somewhat small LCD screen.

– Conclusions: the characteristics of this static pedal (the most economical of the four) are balanced, and this favors the user experience. With a practical folding design, the quality of its finishes is the best and it achieves the best non-stick.

Himaly, mini exercise bike

pedal pedal, stationary pedals, best stationary pedals, stationary pedals

The best static and manual pedals for exercising anywhere

A static pedal available in three colors so that you can choose the version you like best: silver, white or black. Measuring 420 x 320 x 200 mm, it comes disassembled: assembling it is not complicated and you just need to take the tools included in its box to have it ready in a few minutes. It also comes with the battery your multifunction LCD screen needs to power on and a non-slip mat.

We liked the user experience and, as the days go by, you feel more comfortable pedaling. This allows you, on the other hand, to adjust the resistance more comfortably from the thread in front of your feet. Its degree of adherence and stability has been, on the other hand, one of the best impressions it has left. Meanwhile, its LCD screen shows the usual data in this type of proposal: distance traveled, calories you have burned or the time you spend exercising, whether you use it for your legs or if you also plan to exercise your arms. It also reflects the revolutions per minute you reach with the pedal machine. The red button that it incorporates allows you to consult this information in a simple way. Just press it to go from one to the other. If you prefer, you can leave it on automatic.

Fitodo, mini Bike with LCD monitor

pedal pedal, stationary pedals, best stationary pedals, stationary pedals

The best static and manual pedals for exercising anywhere

Share an LCD digital monitor with other models in its class: it is located at the top of its central axis and is fed by a stack. Its readability meets what is expected and, therefore, allows you to consult different data while pedaling: the exercise time you have been doing, how many calories you have burned or the number of rotations per minute you reach. So that when it is stored it takes up less space, integrates a practical folding design. Regarding the materials selected for its manufacture, its quality has met our expectations if you take into account the price range in which it is located: iron, rubber, nylon and ABS plastic.

It does not reach three kilograms in weight and this is appreciated when you carry the pedal machine from one side to the other. However, this slight weighing compromises its stability because it does not stay completely fixed and it shifts a bit. If you lean the front part to a wall the stability improves. The other option is to use the adjustable strap that is included in the box. Your feet feel comfortable when you pedal. As you might expect, you can adjust the resistance. It does not offer too much but to exercise the legs, without making a great physical effort, it is enough.

AGM static pedals

pedal pedal, stationary pedals, best stationary pedals, stationary pedals

The best static and manual pedals for exercising anywhere

You have to assemble the legs and pedals before using it, a quick process and in which you do not have to invest a lot of time or effort if you follow the instructions in its instruction manual. Its size is compact and handy as confirmed by its dimensions: a height of 320 mm, a length of 406 mm and a width of 351 mm. Meanwhile, the quality of its materials seems adequate to us, although if you compare this with that of some of its opponents, the feeling is that it is a little more fair in certain details.

Its static pedals fulfill, in general, with their mission If what you are looking for is a pedal machine to be seated and exercise your legs while you are sitting in front of the television, reading a magazine or working, because you can place it perfectly under the desk. You can also adjust the resistance so that you feel as comfortable as possible. We would have liked these pedals for exercise at home to offer a slightly smoother pedal stroke and a firmer grip on the machine.


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