The best time to buy.. a collapse in gold prices today, Sunday, September 19, at the end of trading in the goldsmiths’ shops

Gold prices recorded today, Sunday, September 19, at the end of today’s trading, a sharp decline in price levels, ranging between 10 and 15 pounds in the price of one gram of the metal. The General Division of Gold in the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo said that the price of a gram of 21-carat gold, which is the most purchased in Egypt, declined at the end of today’s trading to record 772 pounds, while the prices of the rest of the bullets came as we will reveal to you through the report.

Gold prices today, Sunday, September 19th

Gold prices decreased today during the transactions in the local market in Egypt, ranging between 10 and 15 pounds per gram. This came in the trading reports that revealed gold prices, which came according to today’s transactions as follows:

  • Carat 21 recorded today 772 pounds.
  • Carat 18 recorded today 662 pounds.
  • 24 carat record today 882 pounds.
  • The price of the gold pound recorded 6176 pounds.
Gold prices today, Sunday, September 19th
Gold prices today, Sunday, September 19th

The right time to buy gold

It is worth noting that the noticeable decline in gold prices during the recent trading period has prompted many investors who are willing to buy the metal, to question the appropriate timing during which the metal can be purchased. Even in light of the noticeable decline in the price of the metal, we do not find any indicators to base it on gold price expectations and trends in the coming period. There are no economic indicators that could affect the global price, which in turn is reflected in the local price, but the current time is the right time if You want to buy gold.

The global prices of the metal are witnessing, after the last noticeable decline, a state of stability at the level of trading, as the decline came according to the head of the Gold Division, based on the decision of the US Federal Reserve, but the citizens’ demand to buy gold is expected to occur in the local market and thus the prices of the metal will rise again .

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