The Best Time to Exercise for Weight Loss: Findings from a New Study

2023-09-21 06:27:29

A new study reveals that the time a person chooses to exercise may have an impact on weight loss.

The debate about the best time of day to exercise has been a subject of controversy for years, as research and studies have been conflicting.

Is morning exercise useful for losing weight?

According to the American CBS News network, the recent study used the results of a previous national survey, which included more than 5,000 people between 2003 and 2006.

The researchers noted a “strong association” between exercise and reduced obesity in the group that exercised in the morning.

The study found that those who exercised in the morning “also had the lowest body mass index.”

The “morning class” included a larger percentage of women than men.

People in the morning groups consumed fewer calories.

“nothing specific”

Weight loss specialist Dr. Sue Decotis told CBS News:

The best exercise is anything you can do.

What I always advise people to do is to exercise when they can.

If it is easier and more convenient for you to go to the gym in the morning, do it.

If you can’t do this until the afternoon, do that too.

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