The best ways to prepare potatoes to not lose their healthy components

Nutrition expert at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology, Tamara Burnytseva, revealed how much potatoes can be eaten without harming health, and the best way to prepare its dishes.

The Russian expert, in an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, indicated that potatoes are a food item, but there are those who have to determine the amount of potatoes they eat.

She added, “For a healthy person, there are no restrictions on eating potatoes, as they can eat them daily without any harm to the body. The starch in potatoes takes a long time to digest, which prevents sudden jumps in the blood sugar level. But the level of physical activity must be taken into account, and you should not eat excessively potatoes in the evening.”

She adds, potatoes are rich in starch, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, and a group of vitamins, including vitamin C. The expert points out that there are certain ways to prepare potato dishes, which allow preserving the largest percentage of the substances in them.

“The best way to prepare potatoes is to grill and boil them without peeling them,” she says. Because the distribution of nutrients and minerals in potatoes is uneven, most of them are near the peel. Therefore, it is not recommended to soak the potatoes for a long time.”

“However, there are certain potato dishes that should be excluded from the diet,” she adds.

She explained, “The worst potato dish, is the fries. Because heat treatment destroys almost all nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Because of this cooking method, a large amount of fat remains in the potatoes.”

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