The best weapons to use in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

In Call of Duty’s new Zombies mode: Black Ops Cold War, a multitude of weapons are at your disposal, to the point that it can be difficult to navigate. Here is a selection that will prove effective both at the start of the game and after many rounds.

Since the arrival of Black Ops Cold War, a number of important changes have taken place in Zombies mode. Especially concerning the rarity of weapons, personalized equipment and exclusive improvements in the field. These changes added a new twist of strategy to Zombies mode and gave players more freedom in how they deal with waves of rotting enemies.

Of course, the question is, what is the best weapon to survive in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

So here is our non-exhaustive list of “tools” we recommend you use to control these stinking corpses.

List of weapons:

The order isn’t representative of the weapon’s effectiveness, so here’s what we think are the best weapons to use in Zombies mode.



The knife might not be as inspiring as some of the other weapons on the list, but it’s still a great choice for early waves. This weapon is capable of killing zombies up to wave 14 in one hit and can be upgraded via Pack-A-Punch for later turns thus maintaining a utilitarian dimension.

The main benefit of the knife is to avoid attrition by saving valuable ammo for more difficult waves.



The M16 is a great choice for the start of the game, but remains decent late in the game. When upgraded, it becomes a 6 round burst assault rifle with a large magazine. Definitely a solid choice, whatever the conditions.

Ray Gun


The Ray Gun is arguably the most iconic weapon in Black Ops Zombies, in all of the games in the license. However, recently he has lost a lot of his power and has been overlooked by a lot of players. It was only since Cold War that it regained its reputation as a leading weapon.

It disintegrates the hordes of undead enemies like butter and can be upgraded for later turns. Despite the nerf of its damage, an excellent choice.

Rooster SA12


The Gallo SA12 is a shotgun and the big nag on the list. This weapon can be purchased right off the bat, so it’s a very reliable choice. It is effective during the first waves and, once improved, it becomes devastating.

This weapon is incredibly popular among streamers and content creators for the simple reason that its “punch” remains unmatched. This is a great choice for any player looking to survive through the “endgame” waves.

Despite everything, this weapon puts you in danger due to its reduced range, a disadvantage that should not be taken lightly.

THE Shockwave


The beauty of the DIE Shockwave is its unique design and endless supply of ammo. Despite having rather low damage, this weapon is a great option for players who hate to reload. The weapon can technically be used indefinitely if used correctly. Not to mention its very atypical design which will undoubtedly appeal to many players.

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