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Here you will find the best deals on Xbox One. Note that you can also order Xbox Series X. The new console can quickly gain market share, as the inventory of Xbox One decreases dangerously.

Xbox Series S 512 GB came on the market in Norway with a lowest price of NOK. 3299, -, while Xbox Series X 1TB is available for NOK. 5499, – This is bad news for Xbox One. This older console has not become cheaper lately, and is not so far below the brand new console in price. In any case, its predecessor has a legitimate existence in the world of consoles.

If you’re looking for a console with a disk drive, it’s worth noting that you can not use your physical media devices on Series S. And if the price of the Xbox One should be the right one, it may be worth getting an affordable console while waiting for the Series S to drop in price.

Our advice right now is to throw yourself over the remaining stock while you still can, and not waste time looking for a package, as it is often cheaper to buy the console for yourself, and to get the games and accessories separately.

In any case, we have also included prices for packages where we have been able to find them, and we have listed these below, along with all the other good Xbox One offers at the moment. Are you unsure which console is best for you? We will also consider the differences between the consoles before we list the offers on them. Thus, you will be best prepared to make a good decision.

Xbox One-tilbud

Xbox One S – offer on the all-digital version

The Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital version is a good buy for you who want to save money and have a good and stable internet connection. This is basically the same console as the standard version Xbox One S, but without the disk drive. Here you have to download and save all the games directly on the console.

It costs around 500 kroner less than the standard model Xbox One S, so this can be a good buy if you prefer to play disc-free, without a large physical collection that takes up a lot of space. And when it comes to cluttered libraries, the current Microsoft suite comes with download codes for Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of ​​Thieves, so you’ll get started with just the standard package.

The Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital has been readily available for as long as it has existed, unlike the other models. Microsoft has announced plans not to go ahead with this fully digital model, so you should definitely check out the remaining inventory, if you are looking for an affordable Xbox One.

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