The betrayals and investment funds that fired Messi



The natural alliance, the most heartfelt in Spanish football, is between Joan Laporta, Javier Tebas and Jaume Roures. Another thing is that the president of Barcelona is very smart and knows at all times how to defend his own. LaLiga’s agreement with the CVC fund and Messi’s renewal were a programmed sequence. Laporta and Tebas, in addition to the well-known dinner they shared at the beginning of July, at Jan’s apartment on Barcelona’s Diagonal, had seen and spoken on many other occasions to close an agreement that suited the three of them: Thebes cornered Florentino and with the 2,700 million CVC he could say that his Super League was not necessary; Laporta got the liquidity he needed to renew Messi and Roures was on track with his claim to take over the television rights of Spanish football for fifty years.

Monday August 2

It was the day chosen for Thebes, as a surprise, to announce the pact with the English fund. Laporta had communicated to Jorge Messi that he could take his son’s renewal for granted, as he already had the money that CVC was going to advance him. The player’s father take your private plane to Barcelona to sign the new contract. The date that Laporta gives him for the ‘ceremony’, by virtue of the agreement with Thebes, is Thursday of that same week, August 5. The time had already been requested at the notary’s office and the renewal note was written for the media. The day before, Wednesday 4, Laporta would go to LaLiga with all the second-class clubs and the first-class clubs related to Tebas (all except Real Madrid) to sign their adherence to the agreement with CVC.

Tuesday, August 3

Still on day 2, when Tebas announces its pact with CVC, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, becomes aware of the ambush and reacts by calling Javier de Jaime, the Spanish head of the CVC fund, for consultations so that he can explain in detail the operation. Of Jaime, who never knows what he really thinks, nor fears more lord than vile metal, breaks your confidentiality agreement and sing until ‘La Traviata‘so as not to bother Florentino, who that afternoon was not exactly amiable or willing to be enveloped with evasive answers.

Such must have been his tone that he obtained from the usually elusive De Jaime, in addition to the guts of the agreement, the confession of a fundamental detail: and that is that Laporta had understood with Tebas apart from the managers and executives from Barcelona. Most did not know the agreement, and none the ins and outs. With all the information in hand, the president of Madrid instructs its general manager, José Ángel Sánchez, to immediately contact the CEO of Barça, Ferran Reverter, to explain the true nature of the CVC loan conditions . Two are the most important and serious: the first is that, in reality, what the fund offers is a loan – it is true that at zero interest – but it also increases the entity’s liabilities, just what Reverter wants to avoid; and the second is that, keeping 11% of the television rights of Spanish clubs For 50 years, which is what is established in exchange for the advance of 2,700 million euros, Florentino calculates that from the twelfth year of the contract, and during the following 38 years, CVC is filled and the clubs, especially Barça and Madrid, they give up earning large sums of money.

Wednesday August 4

When Reverter realizes that Laporta has been maneuvering behind his back, and that the pact with CVC is also a blunder, he doubts between two loyalties: the one he owes to the president who has put him in office and the one he owes. conscience owes it to the interests of the club it serves. He opts for the second and calls the vice president Eduard Romeu (José Elías’s henchman, owner of the renewable energy company Audax, who had endorsed Jan with 35 of the 124 million he needed to take over the presidency) to convince him to radically oppose the agreement with CVC. Elías and Romeu, angered by not having been informed by the president, and convinced by Reverter of the trap of what Tebas offers, demand that Laporta not assume more debt, therefore expressing their opposition to the pact, and before him little case that the president seems to pay them, make it clear that, if you sign it, your endorsement will be withdrawn, which is little less than an invitation to resign because 34 million are not found overnight, and that Jan knows that from the agony he suffered, just a few months ago, when he almost lost his position for the 10 million that were missing to complete the guarantees and which Banco Sabadell provided ‘in extremis’.

Laporta, surrendered to the evidence that without the 34 million he cannot continue, and understanding that Reverter is right, call Jorge Messi and informs you that the renewal will not be possible. He also lets Tebas know that he will not sign the agreement with CVC.

Thursday 5th August

Thursday, August 5. The day that was scheduled to announce Messi’s renewal serves the opposite purpose. Laporta publicly assumes the arguments that the president of Real Madrid had transferred to him Ferran Reverter through José Ángel Sánchez, and says that not even to renew Messi can “mortgage the future Barça for half a century.” Tebas, who knows that Florentino Pérez has won his hand again, writes on Twitter: “At FCB there is an executive who talks a lot with …”. Roures, in the same social network, confirms his unease: “I don’t understand anything.”

Saturday 7th of August

And while two of the members of the triple alliance lament, Laporta, who knows how to react quickly and always intuits where the path is, stays to eat in ‘Botafumeiro’ with Florentino and with the president of Juve, Andrea Agnelli, to turn his defeat into a victory and take charge of the Superliga project. The night before, happy and chanting all the hits, he had been seen at the concert given by José Luis Perales at the Cap Roig festival in Calella de Palafrugell.

2 months have passed

On the surface, some anecdotes are revealing. The first is the unusual and manifest praise that Vice President Eduard Romeu dedicated to the president of the eternal rival: “Florentino’s management is to take off his hat”. In light of how events unfolded, it is a compliment with the flavor of appreciation. The attitude of Thebes also leaves a trace: in his invective he always charges against Romeu, whom he accuses of “constructing manipulated stories”, and never against Joan Laporta.

But there is something deeper and much more substantial than the more or less juicy exchange of messages, which explains the depth of the alliance between Thebes and Laporta. Barcelona owes 500 million to Goldman Sachs And, when the meeting of delegates interrupted on Sunday resumes, Laporta will presumably get the endorsement of the partners to ask for another 1,500 million from the same investment bank. Well. Of the 2,700 million that CVC was going to advance to La Liga, 1,000 put it (guess who?) Goldman Sachs.

That is why it was extraordinary that regarding the aforementioned loan the president said to the members, in the postponed meeting: “And think that they wanted to lend us even more money”, to then insist that “the investment funds that want to take over the club will do so. they have bad ». Goldman is determined to get a club that it is a first world brand and has decided that it is Barça. And when Goldman makes a decision and you owe him 2,000 million, not even being Florentino the president could stop him.

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