The big Brazilian media in the sights of Bolsonaro

"Down with the Globo!" " In the demonstrations, from supporters of Bolsonaro to those of Lula, the watchword is the same. The dominant multimedia group in Brazil, which has often been criticized for being the boot of power throughout its 94 years of history, now both the left and the far right.

The Globo group is not alone. The “Folha de São Paulo”, the country's main daily newspaper, is also the target of repeated attacks and threats by Jair Bolsonaro and his entourage.

The Bolsonaro clan, it is well known, favors social networks. And does not hesitate to attack the general press which bothers him. "He regards the press as an enemy", says Marina Atoji, executive manager of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji).

Hatred and hyenas

a famous video broadcast on "You Tube"

    in October, Bolsonaro is represented by a lion surrounded by hyenas. Two of his scavengers are identified as "TV Globo" and "Folha", alongside the Supreme Court and other institutions, which allegedly want the skin of the president.

The "Folha" has drawn the wrath of the Planalto palace (presidency of Brazil) by systematically denouncing the authoritarian drifts of power. The President has publicly stated that he will (unsuccessfully) terminate all public bodies' subscriptions to the newspaper.

Bolsonaro tormented by Globo

Jair Bolsonaro also tried to suffocate financially the business daily "Valor Econômico", belonging to the Globo group. However, Congress questioned this measure.

As for "TV Globo", who quoted the name of the president in the context of an investigation into the assassination of a far-left city councilor, Jair Bolsonaro accused him of giving up his life "Infernal", and simply threatened to not renew his concession in 2022.

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The president also dodged a question from a reporter for "O Globo" newspaper last week, saying he had "A head of a terrible homosexual".

Danger in the home

In total, the National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj) has documented more than a hundred episodes during which Jair Bolsonaro attacked a press virulently "Which is worthless" or who would "Against the country".

For Silvio Costa, director of the newspaper "Congresso em Foco", the objective would be to destroy the credibility of journalism using methods already used, according to him, in Hungary, Poland, or Venezuela. It's about a "Domination strategy", he says.

"Democracy is in danger", adds Marina Atoji, from Abraji. Especially since Bolsonaro is being emulated, like the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Mauricio Crivella, who tried to prevent several journalists from the Globo group from participating in his press conferences.

The outcome of the showdown between Jair Bolsonaro and the media is uncertain. In the case of the Globo group, which has long had incestuous relations with the authorities, some believe that they will however come to an understanding. "Bolsonaro's reforms and the change in the more liberal mentality are positive for the country and for consumption. So for Globo ", says a boss in the media sector in São Paulo.

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