the big failure of appointments

Launched this Thursday, the portal intended for making an appointment to be vaccinated against Covid-19 had to close for an update, and will not finally be operational until tomorrow morning.

Since 9 a.m. this morning, Sylvie has been tapping tirelessly on her computer in order to find a Covid vaccination appointment for her mother, 93, who lives on the 17the district of Paris. “I never managed to connect to and I couldn’t find centers listed near my mother’s place on the booking platforms!», Testifies this retiree who ended up throwing in the towel. Yet she was not lacking in motivation. ” It would reassure my mother, who feels isolated, to be able to get vaccinated as soon as possible, she says. She could leave her house and see her grandchildren again without apprehension ».

Like her, tens of thousands of French people have been trying – in vain – since this morning to make an appointment online in order to be vaccinated or on behalf of a loved one. From January 18, people over the age of 75, caregivers over 50 and firefighters will, in fact, be eligible for vaccination against Covid. On Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that online appointment scheduling would be possible from this Thursday morning on as well as on the three platforms chosen by the government to provide the “back-office”, Doctolib, Maiia and Keldoc.

Each of the 600 vaccination centers provided for in the system must in fact choose one of these sites to support them in the management of appointment scheduling. Doctolib, which has the most notoriety, was chosen by nearly 500 centers. But only the portal will list all of the vaccination centers in France.

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However, since this morning, the dysfunctions are increasing. After displaying error messages, the site set up by the Ministry of Health now indicates that “ the publication of the Covid-19 vaccination centers on Santé.fr will take place tomorrow at 8 a.m..». Asked by Le Figaro, the Ministry of Health did not mention a technical bug but he replied that he had suspended the site for ” update the map of vaccination centers department by department “. The government should also communicate this evening during the conference of Prime Minister Jean Castex a toll-free number for those who do not have Internet.

Same mess on the appointment-making platforms where the device does not seem fully operational. On the Doctolib site, no tab allows you to make an appointment directly. Impossible also by entering as keyword “Covid-19 vaccination”. The site then indicates that it will be necessary to wait “by the end of the week”. In reality, if you type “Covid vaccination center”, several dozen centers appear and it is possible to select one of them. Unfortunately, some like Lisieux hospital only grant appointments to caregivers. Others offer slots for people over 75. In Nantes, Brigitte, a young retiree of 75, was one of the lucky ones. She connected without any difficulty on Doctolib and obtained an appointment for Monday.

On, a window dedicated to Covid vaccination appears in the center of the home page, but the number of centers offered remains limited. No center in the capital and only three in Ile-de-France, including only one where it is possible to make an appointment online. ” We were ready this morning following government instructions, says Matthieu Becamel, Marketing Director of Maiia (ex-Docavenue). We have 50 centers being set up. But some will not put slots online until they have staff ready to vaccinate. This may explain this lag “. With disparities between regions depending on the organization and availability of the centers.

On, the Parisian patient who connects is redirected to five centers located … in Seine-Saint-Denis (Enghien-les-Bains, St Brice sous Forêt, Montmorency) or in Seine-et-Marne (Pontaut Combault ), that is to say more than 25 kilometers from his home! But he can find slots available as early as Friday morning, that is to say in advance of the official opening of vaccination to these audiences.

The government may have underestimated the logistical and technical challenge for both the platforms and the vaccination centers. 200 people have been mobilized since this weekend at Maiia. First of all, developers to meet the technical requirements of the centers and the site. But also support teams for ” contact the centers, configure the Maiia site as close as possible to the centers’ needs and support them ».

The real kickoff should therefore take place tomorrow morning, hoping that the rush of Internet users will not saturate the device.


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