The big love. “Married at first sight”, they are ready to say yes!.

The reality show is back every Monday evening on M6. In the program ? Lonely souls in search of true love.

Broadcast since 2016 on M6, the program “Married at first sight” is an adaptation of an American program. The novelty of this 6th season? Weddings are celebrated in Gibraltar!


They are firm believers, they are a little desperate and, to add to the long list of their problems, they are often already old (under thirty). To add to their sadness, some marriage suitors have even been single for a long time (at least six months).

I plead guilty for my misplaced cynicism since on Monday evening, I am the first to stall in front of my television set to watch the program and, above all, to attend the key moment: the famous wedding.

A simple concept

For those who have never fallen into the Married at First Sight pot, the concept is simple. After multiple scientific tests, between questionnaires or “sniffing” of T-shirts, compatible participants sometimes find their future half and are therefore offered… marriage. This is where the adventure begins!

You must first convince recalcitrant parents, find your suit or dress, then dare to put the ring on your fingers with the unshakeable confidence that the partner is the right one.

After the awkward moment of the first meeting, the two participants have a choice: to say yes (for better or for worse) or no. If they embark on this crazy adventure, they will spend their wedding night together and then go on their honeymoon to get to know each other.

Candidates… guns!

I may be refractory to the concept of the show, I often shed my tears in front of a duo that seems struck by love at first sight. Between the glances exchanged, the desire, the shyness, the smiles… we feel the hope of the suitors to find a person to love and with whom they can, perhaps, build a beautiful life as a couple (I have a side very pronounced naive).

We must still admit something: the candidates are all guns. Apparently, this factor greatly helps to seduce your partner and get a “yes” in front of the Mayor.

For this season 6, casting registrations have exploded, exceeding 25,000. They have doubled since season 5, probably thanks to the success story between the two emblematic candidates of the past year Laure and Matthieu, now parents of a little girl.

See you on M6 every Monday evening at 9:10 p.m.!

Editor for various Swiss newspapers, blogger and passionate about words, Elvire Küenzi loves series (she fell into the magic cauldron while watching Sex and the City and never came out)! She also writes girly novels while eating marshmallows and sipping cocktails (in moderation, of course).

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