The “big resignation” on TikTok, these Americans who film themselves quitting their jobs

American workers are resigning by the millions. This trend, nicknamed the “great resignation”, is at the origin of many videos on TikTok, in which Internet users film their departure or comment on their decision. A brief overview of the phenomenon in pictures.

“Today was my last day of office life, and I’m getting out of there for good! I did, and I’m very proud of myself!” For several weeks, the social network TikTok has been full of videos showing Americans delighted to quit their jobs and praising the new life that awaits them.

These images illustrate a very real phenomenon, because the United States is experiencing an unprecedented peak in resignations in 2021. This trend is dubbed the “big resignation” on social networks and in American media.

Between March and May 2021, 11 million Americans resigned, including 4 million in April alone. So nearly 3% of American employees quit their job within a month. And that record was broken in August, with 4.3 million new resignations nationwide.

On TikTok, Internet users evoke their desire for freedom and change. Some have had time to reflect on their lives during the long months of the pandemic and find that their work does not make them happy. Others cite too low wages, too many hours of work or burnout.

Although the phenomenon of the “great resignation” is essentially American, one observes within theOECD an increase in the number of people who do not work and do not wish to do so: there are 14 million more since the pandemic. However, the situation is very different in poorer countries, where informal and precarious workers have been hit hard by the economic crisis.

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