The Biggest Lie of LeBron James’ Career

LeBron James has cultivated for several years the image of an excellent father, a committed, involved, and responsible man … But the King has not always set a good example. In 2009, for example, he released a huge lie live on TV, which must have shattered the dreams of many fans …

LeBron James has won almost everything in his career… NBA titles, Finals MVP titles, 4 regular season MVP awards, the rookie of the year trophy, he was the league’s top scorer in one season… His awards room must be packed, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping in his collection!

In fact, only two “major” titles are missing from his record, two titles that Michael Jordan has won for him. The first is a defender of the year coronation, even if he came second on several occasions. The other is the title of the Dunk Contest. Since his arrival in the league, everyone begged him to participate, something he has always refused … Even if in 2009, he made believe the opposite. What a shameful lie!

There were some big dunks tonight. Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson are very charismatic they do a good job. […] Now, I am entering my name in a preliminary way for the dunk contest 2010. LeBron James says it, in 2010, in the stadium of the Cowboys in Dallas, I will put my name for the Dunk Contest.

10 years later, all fans are still waiting for LeBron to participate in the Dunk Contest… At 35 it seems more and more complicated, even if he has proved this season that he can still put his head at the level of the circle, and come out of legendary dunks… The King lied openly, and it’s a shame when you see what he was capable of at the time!

LeBron James is one of the greatest athletes in NBA history, and never to have seen him take part in the dunk contest is a pity… Hopefully Zion Williamson will not follow the same path!

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