The Bilbao Chamber criticizes that aid for the hospitality industry only reaches 4,000 euros

The president of the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, José Angel Corres, has criticized the low financial aid that has been established to help the hospitality industry when it is being forced to close. Thus he has stated that with «an aid of 4,000 at one time, It seems to me that with 4,0000 euros a family gives little of themselves and one less business ».

Corres acknowledges that the public administrations, both the central and the Basque governments, are making “very great efforts” to “try to alleviate this crisis” and that has put a lot of money on the table, but despite everything it is insufficient. So he has launched a proposal for analyze the possibility of establishing a new tax to help sustain economic sectors that, such as the hospitality industry, are forced to completely stop their activity.

The president of the Bilbao Chamber, who has been interviewed on Radio Euskadi, has asked the question “What are taxes for?”, And later stated that “I would at least gladly pay part, the part that corresponds to me so that this sector, which is very important in terms of employability, so that it can get ahead”.

It also considers that it is a matter of “solidarity”, since «The guilty that they are as they are are us, and I say it in the first person plural, the users of these bars, restaurants and leisure centers, because we do not behave as we should and they are the pagans of the situation.

With regard to the rest of the economic sectors, the president of the Bilbao Chamber recognizes that this new wave of the pandemic is aggravating and prolonging this crisis, therefore all companies “are getting worse”, With exceptions such as the food sector and the rubber and plastic industry. However, he acknowledges that the announcements of advances in obtaining the vaccine are beginning to show the light at the end of the tunnel.

Facing the survival of trade, the president of the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce has advocated that small companies assume their digitization and confront their activity through the internet and abandon old models like trying to keep the non-opening on holidays or hourstraditional operating s.

Port unblocking

The president of the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, José Angel Corres, who was president of the Port of Bilbao for 13 years, has been very concerned about the serious consequences that the dockers’ strike is having for the Basque industry as a whole. It points out that at a time of serious economic crisis, this strike also penalizes the competitiveness of the industry and although there have not yet been generalized production stops, if it is prolonged, they will begin to occur.

In his opinion, the claims of stevedores, trying to maintain their status and old working conditions, collide with legality and the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union.


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