“The bill” confirming respect for republican principles “inspires a certain sadness and a feeling of discomfort”

The hemicycle of the National Assembly, December 16, 2020.

Le bill « reinforcing respect for the principles of the Republic » inspires a certain sadness and a feeling of discomfort. After several title changes, a rather verbose explanatory memorandum again betrays the difficulty of dealing, in a text of general scope, with threats from a particular ideology without naming it.

Islamism has been progressing in France since the 1980s. That it has become urgent and essential, after forty years of compromises, to reinforce, through explicit laws, more severe penalties, more effective control mechanisms, the breaches of principles which seemed to us to be taken for granted, no one can yet doubt that.

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Bill intrudes on privacy, abolishes old right to teach children at home, invents comic notion of life “In a state of polygamy”, makes “Rejection of hatred” a republican principle. There would be a lot to say and yet we would prefer to be silent.

The great ability of Islamism is to wait until the defense of its interests coincides with that of the defenders of freedom. This is our weakness. Our enemies have spotted it for a long time. They take us from behind, forcing us to admit restrictions on our own freedoms to deprive them of the freedom to destroy us. Is it so difficult to tell them that freedom, as it is individually loved, constitutionally guaranteed and politically hoped for in France, has very little to do with the one they claim?

The “contract” has nothing to do here

Where does the sadness and discomfort come from? The sadness of what we had not imagined that principles, anchored in the depths of ourselves and which are at the source of the Constitution, would one day need to be comforted. We address the French as a people on which we would impose, to make it better, laws foreign to its culture.

Can we read without sadness within a system of French laws, in the XXIe century, the article devoted to the ban on issuing virginity certificates? This intrusion of the law between the legs of women is meant to protect them. We know it, we consent to it without restraint. Nausea invades us and we believe we recognize the strange obscenity – at the same time emancipatory and humiliating – of the colonial legislator. So much for the sadness.

As for the discomfort, it mainly comes from the “Republican contract of engagement”, introduced in article 6. “Any association wishing to obtain a subsidy will commit itself by a contract ofrepublican commitment, to respect the principles and values ​​of the Republic, in particular respect for the dignity of the human person, the principle of equality, especially between women and men, the principle of fraternity and the rejection of hatred as well that the safeguard of thepublic order. “ The State already made the granting of public funding subject to three conditions: the object of general interest, democratic functioning and financial transparency. The bill adds the signing of a contract aimed at obtaining respect for Republican principles.

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