The bird stopped traffic at the station in Essen. He delayed 119 trains

The bird caused a transformer fire and thus stopped operation at the station in Essen, West Germany. 119 trains were delayed, two connections were canceled and 36 were diverted, German police said on Sunday, according to the DPA agency.

A bird of an unspecified species came into contact with a particularly sensitive area of ​​the traction line and caused a fire and heavy smoke. Firefighters set out for the scene.

Due to the incident, long-distance connections between Duisburg and Dortmund had to be diverted and the stops in Essen and Bochum were canceled.

According to the German police, the first dormitory was released for operation half an hour after the failure was reported on Saturday afternoon, the last dormitory shortly before midnight. In total, the train delay time was 1496 minutes.


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