The Bitcoin market has exceeded $ 1 trillion

Kryptoměna Bitcoin so far it seems unstoppable. It is constantly expected that everything will burst, as it was three years ago, and the price will fall sharply, but this is not happening yet and now it has one BTC value 55700 USD (CZK 1.19 million). Yesterday, we managed to overcome a historic milestone, when the value of all Bitcoins produced so far reached one trillion USD. So far, 18.63 million pieces have been created, but many of them are also lost. At the current price, we are talking about a market of size $ 1.04 trillion.

autor: MichaelWuensch, public domain (Pixabay)

Just to give you an idea, the value of the whole of Google is 1.41 billion USD, Amazon is at 1.64 trillion. USD, Microsoft at 1.82 bil. USD and the most valuable company is Apple with 2.25 trillion. USD. If we were to take competing cryptocurrencies, the closest is Ethereum, whose market is about $ 231.4 billion, which is less than a quarter of the value of Bitcoins. In third place is Binance Coin (BNB) with “only” 45.5 billion USD.

The increase in value is supported by several factors. Many people want to get rich on speculation about its price, many companies also want to support it for payments, and the cryptocurrencies in general appear to have had a more significant effect on the price jumps. Tesla or Mastercard (But there is the question of whether BTC will be supported, as Mastercard talked mainly about stablecoins, which BTC is not).

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