The Black Lions accuse ‘outrage’ in disappearance of Ascenso MX

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The president of the Black Lions, Alberto Castellanos, addressed an open letter to the president of the Femexfut, Yon de Luisa, as well as the assembly of the Liga MX, to express their disagreement with the cancellation of the Closing 2020 in Ascenso MX, as well as the abolition of descent and promotion for the next 6 years.

He university boss assured that they feel outraged by the decision in which eight teams from Ascenso MX decided to vote in favor, while the remaining 4 refused to say goodbye to the tournament.

This week has been very sad for many football pitches, on behalf of the board of directors of the Leones Negros Board of Trustees of the University of Guadalajara I want to tell you that we feel outraged, our community is disappointed and restless, the treatment we are receiving is not deserved by the second most important public university in the country ”, he assured Castilians.

Black Lions, Miners, Roadrunner and Deer of merida were the ones they were against putting an end to this semester in Ascenso MX and to adapt to the new measure with which the FMF Development League.


“First of all, the way decisions are made in our football is unfortunate. What happened last Monday was an albazo, an imposition. We were called to a business meeting, without knowing the agenda and, to express question, the answer received was: that they could not tell me ‘so it wouldn’t leak’”, He added.

Ascenso MX determined to end the tournament and lead to the creation of a Development League with 30 teams, in which there would be foreigners under 23 and also a age limit set up to national footballers.

That the proposal to transform the League of Ascent to a League of Development proceed. or expansion to the assembly of the Liga MX and afterwards FMF National Council. In exchange we would be abdicating the rise and fall until 2026 and we would receive support of the Liga MX for the 12 clubs ”, Castellanos published.

Tuesday’s assembly who was summoned the day before was to ratify the imposition


This decision will have to be confirmed and officialized in the assembly of First division, so that there is little hope that they will change their minds.

Despite expressing our disagreement, to make proposals that were not taken into account, to request hours or days to discuss it between us, there was no flexibility and yes the urgency of proceed to vote“Stressed the leader.

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