The blessing of YouTube; YouTube global star |Homestyle |Manoramaonline| bought a luxury house worth crores Manoramanews

Emma Chamberlin is an American YouTuber who started her YouTube channel as a teenager and gained fans all over the world. At just 21 years old, Emma already owns a house with the money she earned from her videos reaching millions of people. Located in Los Angeles, this home is full of simplicity and elegance.

In a way, this is a house full of energy almost as much as Emma’s personality. Although the house is a little dated, Emma has renovated it to her liking. As she works from home, Emma has given a personal touch to every part of the house.


When different materials are combined with each other, it is possible to give each room a unique feel. Although it is an old house, there are no cramped rooms here. Emma has incorporated many of her artist father’s paintings throughout the house. The house is arranged on two floors. The living room, a separate room for relaxing with friends, a formal dining room and a kitchen are all equipped on the ground floor.

Wooden staircases and large sofas of different shapes add to the beauty of the house. Another sight is the large table made of glass. A chandelier full of simplicity different from the usual is placed in the dining room.

Although there are multiple rooms, Emma uses some of the bedrooms as a dressing room and make-up room as she lives alone. An indoor plant and fireplace occupy the master bedroom. The interior of the house has been designed in collaboration with the designer company Proem Studio. The designers say that Emma’s house is not perfect compared to other houses. But all these imperfections make the house more beautiful.

English Summary- Emma Chamberlain Youtube Sensation Bought Own House

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