The blogger disassembled the new Skoda Octavia and praised its “European quality” – Motor

Assessment of the build quality of the Skoda Octavia A8 began with dismantling the interior – it turned out that there was no sound insulation on the inner surfaces of the body, and vibration isolation was limited by a layer of felt under the front seats.

The welds are insulated inaccurately, and it’s not only about the processing of hidden cavities in the rear, but also the clumsy application of sealant to the joints under the hood. The bottom is selectively processed: the protective compound is applied superficially, there is no anticorrosive under the plastic screens and in the cavities.

As for the technical stuffing, the proven 1.4 TSI belt turbo engine works in conjunction with the Japanese 8-speed “automatic” Aisin, so that Skoda managed to achieve a balance of traction, efficiency and reliability. However, instead of an independent rear suspension, even on the top version of the liftback, they began to put a simple beam, while the competitors retained a “multi-link”.

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