The bloody footprint of ‘Jorge 40’ on the Coast

What will happen to Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, the feared and brutal paramilitary leader known as ‘Jorge 40’, who with his trail of blood and death sowed a large part of the Colombian Caribbean coast with horror, is still unknown.

After serving 12 years in prison for drug trafficking in the United States, ’40’ was supposed to go directly to a maximum security prison in the country, to pay the sentences that he has pending here for his multiple crimes, among them one of the most representative, the murder of the humanist Alfredo Correa De Andreis.

Before his extradition Tovar was expelled from Justicia y Paz, the jurisdiction created to try paramilitaries who demobilized with the commitment to tell the truth and repair the victims, among some of the obligations.

The former paramilitary chief rebelliously refused to collaborate in this regard, for which he was dismissed from there without extenuating circumstances, and exposed to pay the drastic sentences against him to the letter.

However, as soon as he landed in Bogotá on his return, the possibility of being given shelter in the JEP, the other special jurisdiction created in the country, but this to judge only the guerrillas who participated in the process of peace of the Santos Government.

It would not have a place here because it is only for the guerrillas, but it is possible that they use some figure so that ‘Jorge 40’ lands there and obtain some benefits, mainly of reduced sentences.

But to all of these, the former chief ‘para’ has not yet publicly declared his vocation to collaborate with justice and repair victims, that is, he maintains the same silence and / or denial on both issues that earned him the exclusion of Justice and Peace. An unprecedented stubbornness, since the reduction of his sentences will depend on what he reveals and collaborates.

While clarifying what is going to happen to Tovar Pupo, we recall the cruel and bloody mark left by paramilitarism on the Caribbean Coast.


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