The blouses that are perfect for petites and are in trend in 2022

Creative directors confirm what blouses They will be in vogue in this 2022 and how we should combine them to achieve the result that we so much desire. There are copies of blouses capable of elevating any look, regardless of the season in which we find ourselves immersed. After viewing the presentations of the designers on the catwalk, we understood that, in this 2022, we will wear very different models from each other. While there will be those who prefer basic low-risk wardrobe staples, others will opt for blouses that will become pure dynamism and, in parallel, some will appear sheathed in extremely controversial creations. However, all releases will have one thing in common: their ability to completely transform our style when defending them.

Do you know what are the blouses in trend for this 2022 perfect for petite women? Well, we anticipate that these are dream pieces that will make your silhouette feels more stylized never. Sometimes finding suitable garments that no inches left It’s an arduous task, so we anticipate that there are certain style tricks that will help you achieve the best dressed label, whatever your plan.

What are the blouses for petite women that are in trend in 2022?

Off shoulders and puffed sleeves

Blouse that leaves the shoulders in the air and has puffed sleeves in 'street style'.

© Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde
Blouse that leaves the shoulders in the air and has puffed sleeves in ‘street style’.

First of all, from now on, remember that the blouses who leave their shoulders in the air will be your perfect allies, since they have the eternal capacity to stylize the figure by unburdening the neck area. Also, the copy of shirt What is the model wearing in street style confirms that the puffed sleeves are trend and that, therefore, they will rise as a totally successful choice for the figure petite.

V-neck knotted blouse

Knotted blouse with a 'V' neckline by Alejandra Alonso.

© Alejandra Alonso Rojas/Gorunway
Knotted blouse with a ‘V’ neckline by Alejandra Alonso.

All shirt that he can take with him V-shaped neckline will have a place in the styles of the short girls. The reason? Thanks to them we will achieve torso area looks extremely elongated, visually giving away centimeters of height. The garment in this image is a copy by Alejandra Alonso, with a satin effect, a texture that we have seen playing a leading role in Fashion Weeks. Satin items are in fashion and make up the most elegant and sophisticated looks.

XL leather-look blouse with bow

Caro Daur in 'street style' with a leather effect blouse with XL bow.

© Foto: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images.
Caro Daur in ‘street style’ with a leather effect blouse with XL bow.

Caro Daur, the German fashion prescriber, it is always a good idea to find inspiration to wear blouses. The clothes Lazada XL They are the maximum trend and Carolina Herrera is one of the designers who have predicted on the catwalk the use that we will give them in 2022. For this reason, it is an ideal example to complete occasion outfits. Dar has chosen a leather effect model, a fashionable finish that is also a hit this season.

Sheer sleeveless blouse

Transparent sleeveless blouse in 'street style'.

© Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde
Transparent sleeveless blouse in ‘street style’.

The transparencies They have emerged as the best allies of women who want to expose their silhouette in a sensual and elegant way. This time, we are introduced to a petite fashion expert at the street style with a sheer sleeveless roll neck blouse. She combines it with a midi-length skirt with a leather effect and a side slit, an element that causes the legs of the short girls are visibly longer.

classic white shirt

Classic white shirt in 'street style'.

© Photo: Søren Jepsen
Classic white shirt in ‘street style’.

Thanks to Michael Kors, we understood that there are certain timeless garments – like the classic white shirt– that have a place in modern and avant-garde combinations. This woman in street style It is presented in a basic white shirt example combined with a lightly padded cropped jacket by Prada and high-waisted baggy pants. It should be remembered that this type of trousers achieves a stylized aesthetic, so this alliance will be perfect for petite women.

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