The blue-green-golden cross that Jiang Qichen said appeared!The latest polls for party support: KMT 23.4%, DPP 21.8% | Apple News Network | Apple Daily

Zhu Lilun announced his candidacy for the chairman of the Kuomintang. He also uttered a rhetoric that the support of the Kuomintang should surpass the DPP within a year, and he satirized the poor polls of the Kuomintang led by the current leader Jiang Qichen. However, according to the latest poll released today (4th) by the Chinese Association for Public Opinion Research, the KMT ranks first with 23.4% of the major political parties, the DPP ranks second with 21.8%, and the Taiwan People’s Party 10.8%. Ranked third, 3.1% of the power of the times, and another 31.6% claiming to be neutral. Jiang Qichen also immediately shared the results of the poll with the Central Standing Committee today.

Jiang Qichen said in an interview yesterday that the KMT is the only party that is growing. It has risen to 21.9% from 12.5% ​​in the poll last year to 21.9% last week. He also emphasized that it is already near the golden cross with the DPP, refuting the opinion that the poll is poor. “Apple News” analyzed the polls of the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation cited by Jiang Qichen and found that the polls between the two parties in May were only 2% different, but the golden cross had not yet occurred, and it opened again in June and July, but the difference It is indeed closer than the gap when the general election just ended last year.

According to a poll conducted by the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation, the Kuomintang’s knowledge rate fell to the bottom after the general election last year. In February, the support rate was only 12.5%, and then slowly recovered. In January this year, it reached 22.2% until the mainland of Taiwan. For the outbreak of the epidemic, the support levels in May and June were 21.2% and 18.4% respectively. Last month’s poll showed that the support of the Kuomintang reached a new high of 21.9%.

As for the trend of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s polls, according to the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation, the poll in February last year was 41.1%, and it remained at a peak of 41.8% in May of the same year. After that, it fluctuated. After April this year, the local epidemic in Taiwan began. There was a gap, and the polls dropped significantly, falling to 23.2% in May, reaching the lowest point of 22.6% in June, and rebounding slightly to 28.3% in July.

Looking at the changes in the polls of the two parties, although there has not been a “golden cross” as Jiang Qichen called, in the outbreak of the local epidemic, especially in the polls in May, the support of the two parties is indeed very close, only 2% behind, but 6. In July, the support level opened again. Comparing the polls in July this year and February last year, the DPP dropped from 41.1% to 28.3%, the KMT rose from 12.5% ​​to 21.9%, and the support of the People’s Party rose slightly from 9.3% to 11.3%. Therefore, the Kuomintang is not the only party that supports the positive growth of the degree.

It is also worth noting that, according to the polls conducted by the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation, the support of the People’s Party rose sharply in June this year. It almost doubled the support of the previous month, gaining 15.6%, and fell slightly in July to 11.3%.

According to the latest polls on political party preferences released by the National Chengchi University Election Research Center last month, as of June 2021, the DPP’s support is 31.4%, the KMT’s 18.7%, and the Taiwan People’s Party 4.1%. If compared with the previous year, the support of the Democratic Progressive Party and the People’s Party has declined, and indeed only the KMT has seen a rebound, which is consistent with Jiang Qichen’s statement. (Reported by Gan Tingjia/Taipei)


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