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The books were seized from La Bisbal d’Empordà by Indilletres

The Indilletres de la Bisbal d’Empordà celebrates this weekend the 4th edition of the literary fair in the Exhibition Hall of the capital of Baix Empordà. Vicenç Pagès, Toni Strubell, Jaume Torrent O J.M. Santaeulàlia have been some of the writers who have paraded, throughout this Saturday, for the event that will close on Sunday with Gemma Santaló, Jordi Dausà, Xavier Rigall and Mar Bosch and that it will close with a concert by Fetus from Bisbal and the veteran singer-songwriter Jaume Arnella.

The event, which was born in 2018 with the aim of highlighting and giving visibility to small publishers from all over Catalonia, has managed to position itself in just four years as the largest Catalan book fair in the counties. gironines: although in the first edition it only had the participation of eighteen publishers, in this one the number has doubled welcoming a total of thirty-six. This figure must be added to the three bookshops in Bisbal that have also taken part in the exhibition.

“The real change was last year,” he said Judit Pujadó, promoter of Indilletres and member of the Sidillà publishing house, in Besalú. He says that “the previous edition was a success because, after the pandemic, people were eager to live a shared life.” Still, the organizers are convinced that this year the fair will also have notoriety, as the fact that it is held only three weeks before Christmas and inside a covered space, such as the Trade Fair Pavilion, are two key factors in drawing the public’s attention.

At the same time, Snow Showers, from the La Siglantana de la Bisbal bookshop, states that “it is very exciting to see how year after year the fair grows dramatically”. Since the first edition, La Siglantana has been able to see how the initiative has not only increased the number of participants but also reached a very diverse and increasingly loyal audience.


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