the boss of the police denounces “delinquent behavior”

“These are delinquent behaviors”: the director general of the national police, Frédéric Veaux, did not try to minimize the seriousness of the acts of the police officers who beat, on November 21 in Paris, Michel Zecler, a black music producer.

In an interview with Sunday newspaper (JDD), on November 29, Mr. Veaux declared himself ” scandalized ” and deplores the image returned to the police institution by this affair:

“The police must behave above reproach. And this is the case with almost all of them. These are the people who work in a professional, honest and responsible manner who will have to suffer the consequences of such behavior. “

For Mr. Calves, this slippage is “Above all a question of ethics, values, deontology”, and not the consequence of too short training of the police.

Thirty-nine police officers excluded in 2019

Michel Zecler was severely beaten by three police officers in the entrance to a music studio on the 17the district of the capital. The images of this beating, taken by CCTV cameras, were unveiled Thursday by the Loopsider sitea second video also broadcast by Loopsider shows that Mr. Zecler was also beaten in the street by one of the three policemen – immediately provoking a wave of indignation, which threw the executive and the majority into turmoil.

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President Emmanuel Macron denounced a “Unacceptable aggression” and “Images that make us ashamed”. He called on the government to “Make him proposals quickly” for “Fight more effectively against all forms of discrimination”.

“You can trust the national police to ensure that these events are treated with the utmost severity once responsibilities have been established”, assured Mr. Veaux, appointed, in January, head of the national police.

“In 2020, thirty-nine police officers were excluded from the national police force, thirty-four in 2019. These figures twist the neck to the rumor of a police lax towards his own”, he recalled.

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“The relationship between the police and the population is not damaged”

A total of four police officers, suspended since Thursday from their duties, were taken into custody Friday afternoon in the premises of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), the police. Their police custody was extended by twenty-four hours on Saturday.

Following his assault, Michel Zecler, who also denounces racist insults against him, – “I was told.” dirty niggerseveral times and punching me ” -, had initially been placed in police custody for “Violence against a person holding public authority” and “Rebellion”. But the investigation was closed without follow-up and it gave way to the opening, Tuesday, of a new procedure, against the police officers this time, for “Violence by a person holding public authority” and “Forgery in public writing”.

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For Mr. Calves, “The relationship between the police and the population is not damaged. The police are a reflection of society, they are not on the fringes ”. But he finds it more difficult to exercise this function because of the “Level of violence against police officers”. “This violence targets them in their mission but also in their private life, sometimes even reaching their families”, he laments.

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