“The Box 2023 Challenge: Women’s Conversations, Letters Reading, and Tough Times”

2023-04-22 04:51:51

A new chapter of The Box 2023 Challenge arrives and it begins with conversations between the women of the three teams that are still in competition.

“My dad has too great a connection with the universe”Explain May to talk to Gema and thus feel that he understands her spirituality and the way she expresses herself.
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When asked by her new teammates regarding her letters readingthe artisan says: “I started working on this judiciously 2 years ago. He suffered from depression and did not understand the cause. I ended a relationship and I felt very uneasy and one day I asked my teacher if I might heal with thatand she explained that yes.

On the other hand, in Alpha, Valeria talks to Daniela and Aleja and tells them that she has had very difficult times in her life and that she has worked hard to feel comfortable once more.

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The next day, Saskia tells Gema before the cameras of The Box 2023 Challenge how she met her husband and how in love she is, since they have already been 7 years together and she hopes to continue sharing magical moments by her side.

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  • How are the tests carried out in The Box Challenge?

In this version 19 of the reality show, the participants will have new challenges, including learning to manage money as a team and learning to survive outdoors and by their own means on the low beach, the feared territory where participants who fail to succeed will inevitably arrive. pass the demanding tests.

  • Where does The Box Challenge take place?

The City of Las Cajas, in Tobia, Cundinamarca will once once more be the setting for the 32 participants of The Box 2023 Challenge to demonstrate their full potential.It may interest you: This is exactly the point of view of each challenger when competing in the Rainbow Box

  • What benefits do The Box Challenge participants have?

In this season, with that money earned, the challengers will have to pay rent to live in the houses. If they don’t have the money, Playa Baja will be the ground that will receive them without any mercy.

  • What is The Box 2023 Challenge and what does it consist of?

During all these years, the Challenge has taught that there is no success without difficulty, that achieving balance is a matter of practice and that without a logical explanation, an inner strength appears that allows us to reach the goal and makes us discover that challenger that we all We Colombians carry inside. And that has made Desafío the reality show for Colombians.

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